Yiwu International Trade Market Map

Yiwu International Trade City, also called Futian Market, or Yiwu small commodity market, is a modern international wholesale market. The market now covers an area of 6,400,000 ㎡ with 5 districts including the chief market and centers for sales, purchasing, storage and dining.

In order to offer more convenience to visitors, parking lots are built on and under the ground. Therefore, visitors can stroll in the trade city without venturing far away from their cars – cars can also reach each floor in the market. Visitors enjoy a series of services including telegraphy, finance, transportation and dining.

Yiwu Map

Visitors will find that Yiwu International Trade City is an international world. In this market, you will buy from the world and sell to the world. There are not only schools of foreign buyers, but also a great number of sellers from all over the world. In District 2 of the trade city, there is a Korean Store area selling typical Korean clothes, dishware, and electronic appliances. On the first floor of District 5, there is imported merchandise from all over the world.

In the above map, we present the layout of the international trade city and note the products sells specifically on each floor of the 5 districts. So if you check the products you’re looking for on our map, you’ll soon find the area it is located in.

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Yiwu City Map

People come to Yiwu mainly for its trading business, but as most people are from different countries and have different cultures, what hotels to sleep in or restaurants to eat is also a big matter especially for visitors that plan to live for a long time. So is there any good place to stay and for fun after work? The answer is definitely ‘Yes’. The city of Yiwu is both a trade city and an entertainment city.

In your spare time, you could take a stroll in the parks near the community, or find a lot of amusement in the bars or resorts near. In this map, we will show you some of the best hotels in Yiwu. We also make a list of restaurants ran by foreigners from different countries. Some big supermarket is noted for your convenience. Bars are also places you cannot miss in Yiwu for night entertainment.

Yiwu city map

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