Yiwu feathers a subtropical monsoon climate, Yiwu climate, and weather are relatively moderate with four distinctive seasons: warm spring, hot summer, cool autumn, and cold winter. The hottest month is in July with an average temperature 29.3-degree centigrade and coldest month is January with an average temperature of 4.2 degrees centigrade.

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Get to know about weather conditions before you plan your business trip to Yiwu city.
Climate Data Table for Yiwu

Tips About Yiwu Weather

What should be packed to travel in a different season

Travel in Spring ( Mar-May ), Average Temperature: 10℃-25℃.
Travel to Yiwu on March, April, and May, with the Yiwu climate and weather, you need to be aware of the rainy weather which will last for quite a long time, making the air humid, and it will be not easy to dry your clothes naturally.

So you can take more clothes with you for changing if you plan to stay for a period of time. Sweater and light clothes are necessary. You can meet Yiwu Hardware and Electronic Appliance Trade Fair and Yiwu Imported Commodities Fair during this time.

Travel in Summer ( Jun-Aug ), Average Temperature: 25℃-35℃.
June, July, August is the hottest season in Yiwu, and June is the Month with the highest rainfall. So the wet and hot weather will make it easy to feel uncomfortable. So try to bring clothes with breathable fabrics or 100% cotton. Shorts and T-shirts are the best choices for you.

Always remember to take some napkins in your bag in case you got heavily sweating. Umbrella, Sunglasses, sun hat, sandals, and any other open toes shoes are also recommended for sunstroke prevention.
Travel in Autumn ( Sep-Nov ), Average Temperature: 10℃-25℃.

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The Autumn season in Yiwu supports sunny and cool weather, and the good weather will always last to November. When you travel at this time, you can take jackets or light sweater to keep warm. And you can attend China Yiwu International Commodities (Standards) Fair if you are coming for business purposes.
Travel in Autumn ( Dec-Feb ), Average Temperature: 0℃-10℃.

Wintertime in Yiwu is really freezing with a quite low temperature, it can even go to subzero, so take your winter clothes like a thick coat, gloves, warm shoes, and anything else that can help you stay away from cold.


The weather in Yiwu remains different for seasons throughout the year