Do you want to know what are the top profitable made in China products that can be imported?

Are you looking to find the next big hit to help you to increase your sales?

Every year, thousands of new products are being launched throughout China which are being imported in thousands and shipped worldwide. You should know how to find such profitable products and what the top categories are of made-in-China products.

In this blog, you will learn how to find such products, what the top 20 categories are of made-in-China products, understanding the profit margins by seeing the wholesale prices from China and comparing with Amazon.

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Table of Content

Chapter 1: How to find out the most Profitable Made in China Product?

Chapter 2: Top 20 Made in China Products that Businessmen all over the world are looking for

Chapter 3: Tips to know when Importing Made In China products

Chapter 4: Frequently Asked Questions About made in China products

Chapter 1: How to find out the most Profitable Made in China Product?


While you are starting your own business, you must be understood of getting two things to flourish your venture the way you are thinking of. These are:

  • Buying profitable made in China products
  • Buying cheap made in China products

Now the question comes, how to find out profitable yet cheap made in China products. For this, you have to follow certain steps.

1. Step 1: Research and shortlist  made in China products

You are sitting in states and are all up for starting your new online or physical store. What would you do? The first thing you will do is to shortlist the products you want to sell out.

Now you will look for products with a mainstream buying audience, giving as much profit as possible. But again, top trending products will be expensive giving so little profit.

Buying wholesale from China and making made in China product list will be the best decision in this regard. Let’s see how.

  • Do research online

Before physically visiting China, just turn your laptop on and start online research. You have many options here but the goal is to choose the one that ensures high quality, is cheap, high demanding, and highly profitable.

If searching globally then you must be looking for Amazon first. Yes, Amazon is a leading e-retailer in the US that generated a net sale of 386 billion dollars in 2020. It offers high quality and in-demand products. But the question is that what profit margin you will get by buying from Amazon?


Now look for the online websites selling wholesale in China. Alibaba, Aliexpress, made in China, DHgate,,, and many more are selling wholesale products from China and are exported worldwide in a large range. Which option you should choose and why?

Let’s discuss first. Do you know what is is for, and how you can get the benefit? The answer is that works exactly like Alibaba, both of them belong to Alibaba Group.

Alibaba is delivering its services worldwide being an international platform where most Amazon sellers source their products and do their homework. is for the domestic market in China. is a wholesale modal speaking the Chinese language and dealing with Chinese currency. It focuses more on products and 90% of the products in are directly sold by factories and manufacturers from China.

Due to the direct sourcing of products from factories and manufacturers, provides vast and high-quality first-hand products at factory rates. The MOQ on the demo unit on 1688 is usually 2.

Find your product on, let’s say it is a pull food chopper. You will see the price on 1688. com is ¥18.72 which is equal to $2.7. Now look for the same product on Amazon. The rate is $27.


On the same product, you are saving $25. If adding the shipment cost that will be $6-8, you are still saving $17-19 on your product that is a huge margin. has also earned its name for being a primary website for Chinese Amazon/eBay sellers to source products. It has also set up a category for Amazon and eBay dropshipping across the borders.


  • Visit China local wholesale markets and Compare them with your country’s market

To research made in China product list, you can visit China and have a look into their wholesale market. By comparing the wholesale rates of Chinese products and their quality with your country’s market, you will be well aware of where to grab your product list.

The rates of China will always be lower than the European and United States’ rates ensuring equal quality. As quoted by Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations:

The difference between the money price of labor in China and Europe is still greater than that between the money price of subsistence; because the real recompense of labor is higher in Europe than in China

This also proves that made-in-China products are cheaper, are of high quality, and gives a high profit margin.

  • Customs Import Data from China Customs or Local Country’s Customs

China has become the world’s largest retail market by surpassing the United States after the global pandemic. It is the only country that has recovered from post-pandemic effects fast and put a positive impact on GDP growth.


Below graph shows the wholesale and retail rate in China from 2009 to 2019:

2. Step 2: Verify made in China products price and margin

Now you have chosen the made-in-China products, look for the price and profit margin. Taking again the example of a food chopper, buying from you are having a profit margin of $15-20 while the same cost 15x greater on Amazon.

  • Get a quote from multiple manufacturers

Either buying online or visiting manufacturers and factories in China, review different manufacturers, look for the one that provides high margin profit, and you are satisfied with the quality of the product.

  • Calculated all the related costs (Shipping, Custom Duties)

You can only check for the profit margin after estimating all the tax and duties, shipping costs, and customs duties. Then the final product price you will get, compare that price with the product’s cost available at your market or shown to amazon. Made-in-China product will give a big profit margin on each product.

3. Step 3: Sampling and Ordering made in China products


Don’t buy the wholesale product from China in bulk directly. Always ask for the product sample first, this will not only help you check the quality of the product, but also looking into the convenience of the ordering and shipment method.

If the whole procedure suits you, then go for buying wholesale made-in-China products and earn a great profit margin from your new business.

Chapter 2: Top 20 Made in China Products that Businessmen all over the world are looking for


The devastating situation of COVID-19 all over the globe put a threat to all the businesses and companies i.e. either to close their shutters or to change the business strategy as soon as possible. Those businesses remain successful that changed their modal according to the situation with no panic and delay.

China’s manufacturing industry is among those top industries that successfully grew in the devastating situation. It remained on top manufacturers and is still a dominant force in global marketing. Following are the top 20 made-in-China products that businessmen all over the world are looking for in 2021 for setting up for new normal.

1. Electronics Products

led-bluetooth-speakers smart-rgb-bulb-bluetooth

Electronics are usually more expensive than regular commodities. For example, an Electronic Toothbrush is $40 whereas a regular toothbrush costs just $3. Here you can have a great profit margin as 3333 pieces of normal brushes rate the same as of 250 electronic brushes i.e. $10,000.

Let’s take an example, smart lamp available on are ¥152.76 that is equal to $23.51 while the same set on Amazon is $39.99 + shipping cost $26.38.

2. Mobile phones Products

The most demanded product of the present time all over the world is the mobile phone. Big Chinese brands offer low-cost and quality. These phones contain high-tech infrastructure and manufacturing capacity. China manufactures mobile phones of all quality for different regions of the world.

3. Computers and desktops

In the troublesome days of the pandemic, online learning, business and education have become a necessity. At this phase, people are hunting for computers and desktops in large numbers at reasonable prices.

Keeping in view customer’s demands, China is launching amazing deals and products to help the people carry out their jobs and tasks. You can easily find high-quality computers at cheap rates.

4. Toys Products

The largest-selling product of China of all time is toys. The reasons are the wide range of interesting toys present at all prices. Almost 85% of the toys used worldwide are made in China.

1688-toys-price amazon-toys-prices

Just an example, a yellow toy jeep car from is ¥27.80 equals $4.2+ shipping cost $6-10 while on amazon it’s the cost of $57. The potential profit of these products is around $43.

5. Furniture Products

The Chinese furniture industry has developed so rapidly after the widespread global pandemic. It predicted the new normal and changed the furniture manufacturing style. Either it is bathroom vanities or bedroom sets, most of the furniture over the world is manufactured in China.

In the year 2019, the furniture exports exceeded $27 billion. The total value of exports on bedding, prefab building, and lighting is up to $96 billion.

6. Automotive Products

China has been accounted for the world’s 30% of vehicle production and has remained the largest light vehicle manufacturer. 15.7 billion US dollars are generated by China because of car exports.

China is heading to sell products that are related to automobiles all over the world at cheap rates. China sold around 11.7 billion U.S. dollars’ worth of motor vehicle parts to the United States.


To get low-cost and high quality made in China automotive parts, Wenzhou and Yiwu auto parts factories will be a good decision. Amazon sellers are selling automotive parts such as a carburetor of $100 by buying it from China at the rate of $23. This provides a profit margin of about $75 on each product.

7. Beauty and Personal Care

Famous made-in-China products include beauty products and personal care products. These are ordered worldwide from online retail channels. According to a report, skin products dominated the beauty and personal care market in China by 55% followed by hair products at 19%, cosmetics at 15%, and fragrances at 6% in 2018.

amazon-cosmetics cosmetics-1688-prices

IT Cosmetics’ eye concealer on is available for ¥10 equal to $1.5 + shipping cost $10 while on Amazon the same product is $28.49. However, for wholesale cosmetics, the most important thing is that whether the seller has a certificate or not. Buy from a certified manufacturer will help you sell equally in the future.

8. Office products

By the settling of new normal after COVID-19 spread, the businesses are being settled at homes or home-based offices. Working café and freelance offices have become new normal.

For this, the demand for office furniture and office products has increased to a large extent. China’s manufacturing industry stands out in a dominating position to form cheap but high-quality office products.

1688-electronics amazon-electronics

You can find a $39.68 metal monitor stand riser from Amazon, but a similar product in is ¥121.5 equal to $18.72. Just for buying this product, there is more than a $20 price gap.

9. Home gyms

The new normal is making 90% of the working from home. People have started workout from home. China manufacturing industry is providing the world-class best quality and low-cost gym equipment.

Adding a new type of gym equipment to your list of products made in China will help your business to flourish so rapidly. For example, the home treadmill on is available for ¥690 equal to $106 while on amazon it is available for $396. You will get a profit margin of $290.

home-gym-1688 home-gym-amazon

10. Home appliances

China exports many appliances that are loved by the public. From HVAC equipment to washing machines and refrigerators, the country produces millions of units for both domestic use and exports, with billions of dollars worth of goods exported each year. They offer exciting deals to people all around the world.

11. Athleisure Products

Staying home and working from home is a new normal, it means everyone is looking for comfortable clothes to wear. Many athleisure brands have seen a huge spike in growth last year.

athleisure-1688 athleisure-amazon

Adding such famous made-in-China products to your product list in 2021 will help you grow your business. Creating an athleisure brand will be a great idea to go for in 2021. For example, an athleisure round-neck sweater on is available for ¥173 equals $26 while on amazon the range goes up to $27.

12. Artificial flowers

Big business managers from the USA are buying wholesale artificial flowers from China. Quartz report says that plastic artificial flowers of $392 million and non-plastic artificial flowers worth $443 million were imported by the US from China in 2018.

13. Clothing and accessories

China is the world’s leading exporter of clothing and accessories export. Statista report says that China accounted for 37.6% of the global textile market in 2018. Let’s take the example from to buy the made-in-China product.

clothing-and-accessories1688 clothing-and-accessories-amazon

Women V-neck T-shirts on cost ¥19 equals $2.9 while on amazon, the cost of the same piece is $18 thus you are saving $10 to $13 on each piece.

14. Art and crafts Products

After the pandemic when everyone is locked at home, people have got great leisure time. They are exploring their fun side and other talents. Art and craft products demand is increased in the market. Starting an art and craft brand in 2021 will be a big win.

15. Education Products

Schools are also set at home. Students are learning from online classes all over the world. Parents have set them home schools. For this, the demand for education products and stationery items has highly increased. The business executives should add education products to their list of made-in-China products in 2021.

16. Cleaning Products

Most popular product made in China after the pandemic is cleaning products. Several new brands of soaps, hand sanitizers, sprays, masks, and more are being launched on a daily basis and the demand is becoming high with time.

China is introducing many new electronic cleaning products in this regard that should be added to the China product list in 2021.

17. Cooking kits

cooking-kits-1688 cooking-kits-amazon

COVID-19 pandemic boosted the demand for ‘semi-finished meals’ and ‘ready-to-cook’ unique cooking kits. The reason is that the consumers are flocked online to order a meal and quick-cooking kits because of the closure of restaurants.

Discussing the example, 6 piece pots are available on of ¥93 equals $14, while 7 piece posts on amazon are $49 giving a big profit margin.

18. Pet Supplies

Pet supplies products are one of the most famous made-in-China products. According to a report, under the Alibaba pet product category, over 858000 products and 1070 suppliers are listed. This shows high demand for made-in-China pet supplies in 2021.

19. Smart kitchen items

Popular made-in-China product list includes smart kitchen items. These kitchen items include both the daily use of kitchen gadgets and kitchen appliances. These items are provided at a low cost from $1.60 having high quality giving a high-profit margin.

20 Mobile accessories


The famous made-in-China product list includes different mobile accessories that are trending in the global market. These accessories include hand frees, wireless mobile charger, selfie rings, tripod mobile stand, and many more.

The wholesale price for wireless phone charge in China is $340 for 100 units, while it usually is sold at $12.99 at Amazon giving a profit margin of $959. Similarly, the wholesale price for selfie ring lights is $120 for 100 units with a typical retail price of $13.99 and a profit margin of $1279.

Chapter 3: Tips to know when Importing Made-In-China products


Now when you know the top most popular made-in-China products to start your brand in 2021, know some essential tips while importing made China products.

This will save both your time and money and will help you select the right methods, high-quality and cheap products and gain a huge profit margin on made-in-China products. Let’s discuss!

1. When importing from China, learn and understand the specific rules and regulations

Knowing the rules and regulations when importing from China is very important. You must be aware of the guidelines about everything, from ordering to shipping from China and then to labeling of products. Below are some specific rules and regulation to learn when importing from China to the US:

  • The products are labeled to import duties when imported from China to the US. The import duty rates depend upon harmonized system codes used to categorize products and the country’s origin.
  • The products ranging above $2500 require individual or tax 1D or employer’s identification number (EIN).
  • To all the air and sea shipments a merchandise processing fee MPF is applied. The fee rate is 0,3464% with a minimum of $25 and a maximum of $485.


Source from

2. Make sure the products you want to import are allowed in your country

When creating a list of made China products, see if that product is available for your country or not. When buying online from Alibaba or you can easily see your country name availability with each product. If buying directly from a manager in China, see if the shipment of product is allowed for your country or not.

3. Calculate the shipping costs and customs duties to find the landed cost of the product

Searching for the product either online or by visiting China and getting the best quality and cheap product is not a big win, until you are getting enormous profit potential after calculating all the shipment and custom duties cost. Once you get the product of your demand, make quick calculations of shipment and custom duties cost.

For example, on a watermelon slicer, you are getting a quote of $0.85 from + $6-10 on shipment and custom duties. And the same product is $8.97 on amazon + $56 shipment cost, you are gaining a 25% profit margin.

4. Learn about contracts in China and sign a contract that will protect you if any issue arises


Hand-written contracts are the essentials for Chinese dealings. You must know particularly about all the rules and regulations for signing up a written contract that will protect you from any future issue.

5. Understand how each method of transportation works and choose the most suitable one for you

When completing a famous made in the China product list, you must know the transportation and shipment method for your particular orders.

Know that you want profitable and cheap made-in-China products, so you should well aware of transportation methods and the method that suits best for you. Shipment by air freight, sea freight, and express is the common transportation methods.

6. Perform a detailed quality inspection before the products leave China

When buying made-in-China products, never make the mistake of directly ordering bulk products without quality inspection. Quality inspection of the product is made by ordering a product sample.


7. Always be ready for any natural events and have a backup plan ready

You are ordering a bulk of products from another region, this can be risky. Many natural events such as holidays, delays in flights, and more can come your way.

In such a situation, you must be ready for the backup plan. You can communicate with your supplier or sourcing agent to get a better backup plan if such a situation happens beforehand.

Chapter 4: Frequently Asked Questions About made in China products


1. Which US companies have products made in China?

US companies such as AT & T, GE, and Avon have products made in China. They have their manufacturing plants in China for more than 20 years.

2. What are the best online platforms to buy made-in products from China?

Alibaba Group of companies including Alibaba,, Aliexpress. con,, and Alicloud are among the best online platforms to buy made-in-China products.

3. How can I buy made-in-China products in 2021? Should I buy myself or contact a sourcing agent?

Follow certain steps when buying made-in-China products in 2021. Because of the global pandemic, it may be hard to travel to China in 2021, so

  • Research online wholesale platforms in China such as Alibaba and
  • Track and record service, location, and time
  • Look for the MOQ
  • Choose the high-quality cheap made in China product giving enough profit margin
  • Order sample
  • Get interacted with supplier
  • Choose a suitable payment option
  • Choose a suitable transport option

If you have no experience in buying wholesale-made in China products, don’t go for this process by yourself. Get help with any sourcing agent such as EJET sourcing. It will assist you in every step from ordering to shipment and delivery.

4. How to find reliable manufacturers for made-in-China products?

There are many options to look for when finding manufacturers for made-in-China products. Such as,

  • Look for the industry trade association
  • Go for referrals from business contacts and online/offline groups
  • Online directories of overseas
  • Online platforms such as Alibaba and Global Sources
  • Meet the manufacturers from international trade shows such as canton fair, global source trade show, and more.


This is 2021, not the same as 2019. Things have changed drastically. Businesses changed, old strategies demolished, strategies raised, old companies shutter, new companies formed. In this situation, what everyone is looking for is to settle according to the new normal.

Chinese manufacturing industry kept its name in this new normal. Business executives from all over the world are again monitoring China’s manufacturing industry to get high demand, high quality, and cheap-made China products with a big profit margin in 2021.

If you are in a similar situation, you must have now got your dimension. So, be quick and grab your list of products made in China now!