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EJET Sourcing Ltd, a world-class Products Sourcing company since 2006. We provide value-added outsourced procurement service from source to deliver. We ensure you have the pleasant & result driven sourcing experience throughout the entire process.

EJET is committed to helping our partners to succeed in their business, We are proud to supply high quality & profitable products as per the unique and diversified needs of our partners!

Our Services Include:



We will help you to get the right product at the right price. All you need to do is placed the order and we will handle everything from source to delivery.



Supplier matching is an important step when buying from China. We will help you get the best matched supplier from our large supplier network.



By having EJET perform the right Quality Control and inspection, you can remove your doubts and ensure that your goods meet the quality requirements.



With our Amazon FBA prep service, we will handle the process of product bundeling, packaging and labeling and shipping Amazon warehouses.



With our 1 month free warehousing service, EJET’s warehousing and consolidation services in China are made for you to store your goods safe.



EJET’s shipping services are made to provide a wide selection of shipping ways from China to anywhere in the world at the right quotations.

Why EJET Sourcing Instead of Others



We offer full one-stop solution services to help our customers expand their business and source from China successfully.


We offer factory prices there are no extra costs by middlemen, our priority is to provide competitive prices.


Quality assurance is essential to prevent mistakes and defects in manufactured products and to avoid quality problems.

FAQ About Shenzhen Sourcing Agent

EJET sourcing can help you source products from Shenzhen through our on-ground team. We know the market well due to our 15 years of experience in the industry. All you need is to send us what products you want to source and we will take care of the rest.

The fee will depend on the order. Usually the agents will be charge 2% to 10% commission depending on the size of the orders and work needed to source, inspect and deliver them.

No, EJET sourcing is not limited to sourcing from Shenzhen. We are located in different cities of China and we can source large variety of products for you. We say like this, If the product is manufactured in China, we can surely source it for you.

EJET provides a wide range of services. We do everything from source to delivery following high standards of service. We can do sourcing, quality inspection, new product development, supplier management, faster delivery etc.

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Best 15 Shenzhen Sourcing Agents

Are you looking to import products from China for your wholesale, retail or online businesses? Do you know which city is known as the Silicon Valley of China?
Welcome to Shenzhen, which is famous for its electronic products, located in the southeast of China, forming the eastern part of the Pearl River Delta.

The city has many factories, biggest electronics market in the world. It also has aá natural border with Hong Kong, the Sha Tau Kok River, and the Shenzhen River. Shenzhen is located approximately 136 kilometers north of Guangzhou.

In this blog, we will tell you about the history of Shenzhen and the top 15 sourcing agents with whom you can work for your sourcing needs.

Table of content

Chapter 1: History of Shenzhen City

Chapter 2: EJET Sourcing Agent

Chapter 3: China Purchasing Agent

Chapter 4: Chicksourcing company

Chapter 5: Bizshenzhen Sourcing Agent 

Chapter 6: SourcingBro Sourcing Agent

Chapter 7: Maple Sourcing Company

Chapter 8: LeelineSourcing Agent

Chapter 9: AMANDA INTL GROUP Shenzhen

Chapter 10: Lincaiservices Shenzhen Agent

Chapter 11: Cnsourcerlink Sourcing Company

Chapter 12: Lazpanda Shenzhen Agent

Chapter 13: Penglight Sourcing Agent

Chapter 14: Chinadivision Sourcing Agent

Chapter 15: Hope Sourcing Agent

Chapter 16: Sourcingshenzhen Company

Chapter 17: Faqs About Shenzhen Sourcing agents

Chapter 1: History of Shenzhen city

The first populations arrived in the region in 5000 BC, under the Han Dynasty, in the 3rd century BC, the city became a major center of salt production. In 331 AD, Dongguan Jun province was founded, with Nantou as its center.

It is made up of the 6 regions in the south-east of Guangdong. Political and strategic center in the salt trade, its influence is international. An essential stopover for merchant ships in the 8th century, Nantou also serves as a defense center for the south of the Pearl River.


Caught up in a conflict between 1276-1279, the last Emperor of the Southern Song Dynasty was killed by his prime minister who feared the disgrace that capture would have engendered.

It was in 1410, under the Ming Dynasty, that the name of Shenzhen was used for the first time to name the city. On September 7, 1521, Portuguese ships were defeated by the Chinese Coast Guard at the Battle of Tunmen. Following this defeat, they are prohibited from entering Chinese territorial waters.

In the 1970s, Shenzhen expanded to become a fishing village of 130,000 souls. Shenzhen became China’s first Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in 1980, attracting investment from foreign companies.

The Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges opened in 1989, the Special Economic Zone (ZES) extended in 2010, and now reaches 2,020 km2. Shenzhen city widely open to the world, it has a large number of shops and shopping centers, able to satisfy all buyers.

There are thus luxury stores as well as small independent shops, among other things, tourists will find what they are looking for in the shopping districts of Dongmen Pedestrian Street, Nanshan, Renmin Nan, and Shen Nan Zhong.

The shopping centers of Hua Qiang Bei, Shenzhen International Arcade, Splendid China Tower, or Manhar Department Store also offer a diverse range.

To make sure you get the best deal when sourcing from Shenzhen, here is the need for a Shenzhen sourcing agent, and below the best sourcing agents in Shenzhen city:

Chapter 2: EJET Sourcing Agent

EJET Sourcing Ltd, a world-class Products Sourcing company since 2006, provides value-added outsourced procurement service from source to delivery.The company ensures you have a pleasant & result-driven sourcing experience throughout the entire process.

EJET is committed to helping our partners to succeed in their business., they are proud to supply high-quality & profitable products as per the unique and diversified needs of their partners.

What sets the company apart from others is that buyers are 100% guaranteed, which makes the sourcing and payment process safe without any issues or problems, and customers get their products as they are and according to the agreement and requirements they need.

EJET Sourcing Overview:

-Supplier Management

EJET Sourcing assumes all the buying risk for you, the company will help you get the right manufacturers and manage supplier relationships on your behalf.

-New Product Development

With this service, EJET will help you develop products that are tailored for your target markets including (Design, Moulding, Customized Packing, Sampling, OEM & ODM, and Copyright Protection).

-Product Branding Service

The product branding service offers you the differentiation of your products and makes an unforgettable impression on consumers. It will help you to be more competitive and to differentiate yourself from the competition.

-On Ground Sourcing

In order to ensure the success of your business visit to China, EJET sourcing has set up a flexible service to help you make your trip successful during your visit.

-Quality Control

EJET offers customers high service expectations, with quality control and inspection being one of the most important steps when importing from China.

Their years of experience are available to provide clients with comprehensive quality control inspection services to ensure they exactly need and expect.

-Amazon FBA Prep Service

EJET Sourcing offers you exclusive Amazon FBA Prep services for Amazon sellers to help you find the right suppliers, product collection, inspection, labeling, repacking, bundling, and shipping to FBA warehouses.

-Warehousing & Consolidation

The company offers great flexibility to help customers consolidate goods from multiple vendors and have an accessible field warehouse anytime.

-Shipping & Distribution

EJET freight service is designed to offer a wide range of logistical options from China covering all routes to whichever country the customer chooses.

Chapter 3: China purchasing agent

China Procurement Agent is a Chinese company located in Shenzhen that provides sourcing solutions in various product categories, especially agriculture, food, clothing, textiles, accessories, automobiles, transportation, bags, shoes, accessories, electronics, electrical equipment and components, telecommunications, gifts, sports, toys, health, beauty, home, lighting And construction, machinery, parts, and tools for industrial, mining and packing, advertising and office.

china-sourcing-shenzhen agent

China purchasing overview:

The company offers various services such as:

-FBA Sourcing Services

With its large-scale supplier solution services, the company will help you find suppliers that can send your products to Amazon warehouses, whatever the country.

Besides FBA services, China purchasing services also include packaging, labeling, design, and any certification you need about your products.

-FBA preparation and inspection

The company can provide the best service for you if you are looking for products from China. We will check product, labeling, packing, assembly and any other configuration you need for FBA service for your product.

-FBA Logistics

China purchasing agent company will help you if you need FBA logistic service. We can handle your shipment within China, ship to Amazon FBA warehouse in the USA, Europe, ship to your warehouse, etc. it can assist with rapid air distribution or trans-ocean delivery to meet your needs.

-Warehousing and Storage

The company offers 30 days of free storage in China for your goods. You have enough time to handle all your goods in China and make them in one place for and easy shipment.

-Product labeling service

Whatever the configuration or orientation of your product, China Buying Agent offers a product labeling service to help you customize your products, it will manage everything on your behalf.

-FBA assembly service

FBA can pack many products in one package for its customers. This kind of packaging helps in saving well.

-FBA Label Printing Service

FBA also provides reliable cardboard printing and product packaging services to its clients.

-Complete FBA

FBA uses plastic bags for customer products according to Amazon rules.

-FBA packaging service

FBA deals with wrapping, shrinking, repackaging and other similar things.

-Customs and import tax service

FBA shipping costs relate to final destination customs clearance, taxes or customs duties. It also helps customers place products in Amazon stores.

-Pros and Cons

FBA Sourcing provides one-stop settlement services in China. Professional, cost-effective, fast, and 100% secure service offers as follows:

  • Qualified team
  • Easily accessible pages
  • Quality regulation

  • Appropriate transportation
  • Safe and secure payment methods
  • Sustainability

Chapter 4: Chicksourcing company

Chick Sourcing is one of the sourcing companies founded by Jesse Yang, a professional sourcing agent in Shenzhen, currently, he uses the Fiverr platform to offer his services to new customers, especially to import goods from China.

So far, his appearance on Fiverr has been a huge success. In just two years, he managed to accumulate 170 reviews and score an overall average of 4.9 points. However, Fiverr is only the last attempt on his career journey.

chick-sourcing-shenzhen agent

He had great success working as a Chinese resource agent for an Australian company for 3 years, prior to that, he spent 8 years working as a salesman in a Chinese export company.

ChickSourcing overview:

-Sourcing Service

Chick China sourcing company will help you find a direct manufacturer for any product you looking for. the company can offer you their contact information, including the company name, email address, phone number, etc.

-Purchasing Service

The company offers a variety of procurement services from translation to delivery:


with chicksourcing, you will receive a translation that includes all the details of your order, documents, products detail….


the company will help you to get the best deal from suppliers. You do not have to worry if your product is not able to compete.

-Get Sample

 Before deciding and make an order, chick sourcing will send you a sample of your product to let you check and see if it respect your exact requirements.


You will get products with your own logo as you desire also with detailed information.

-Production process

You get all the production updates for each step until the final step.

  -Arrange  Payment

Your supplier will receive money in CNY from us.

-Arrange Shipment

You get the goods to your home by air or ocean. You do not have to worry about any documents.

-Quality Control

The company provides quality inspection services in China to importers all over the world and to help them ensure the quality of their products before shipping to their exact address.

-Sample Arrangement

Requesting for product samples is an essential step before placing your first official order, the company will arrange a sample for you before any order.

-Supplier Verification

It is always difficult to find the right suppliers online. The company can help you check a Chinese supplier online or visit their factory, By checking the online supplier, you will find out if they are real or not.

Chapter 5: Bizshenzhen Sourcing Agent Company

Founded by Charlie Lin,, Bizshenzhen proudly ranked as the most transparent sourcing agent in China, BizShenzhen is a comprehensive sourcing solutions company headquartered in Shenzhen, China covering sourcing, electronics manufacturing, packaging, and consulting.


Bizshenzhen overview:

-Shipping Agent

The company offer different shipping methods and here below the various options:

  • Standard Air Cargo
  • Expedite Air Cargo
  • sea freight
  • Fast Boat, Standard Boat, etc
  • Courier
  • UPS, DHL, FedEx, TNT, etc

-Electronics Manufacturing

The company has facilitated production for emerging, medium, and large companies in many industries – from consumer electronics to the industrial Internet of Things.

So by acting as a partner in electronics manufacturing, it expertise and range of services can simplify entry into a new industry or exploration of new technology in your existing industry.

-Packaging Solutions

A successful product must be able to attract the eyes of consumers or even their sense of touch, here with BizShenzhen, you can get personalized eco-friendly packaging services with cost-effective manufacturing, scalable design, and excellent out-of-the-box experience.


The company will help you get more and more involved in the business by giving you advice about the field in which you are working.

Chapter 6: SourcingBro Sourcing Agent

Built by Jack Zhou as one of the leading Chinese resource agents located in Shenzhen, China. SourcingBro is at the heart of global trade, thus providing wholesale goods to customers around the world.

sourcingbro-sourcing-shenzhen agent

Sourcingbro works hard to provide continuous quality control. In order to maintain high standards, they have their own quality inspection department to ensure that they deliver the best possible quality to the customers.

Jack Zhou wants to make sure customers get what they’re looking for so they can feel secure in ordering from the company.

The company is contracting with various China products, it will assist you in handling all aspects of quality control and shipment, regardless of your goal, whether you are competitive sourcing from emerging markets for export purposes or to gain Chinese international resource experience for making decisions.

SourcingBro overview:

-Sourcing Service

SourcingBro will help you find any product you want from China. You only need to send them your requirements with details and they will start sourcing your products.

-Factory Verification

When it comes to importing from  China, It is always difficult to find the right factories for the right products.

The company can help you check and verify the factory to make sure it’s real and avoid scams.

-Supplier Negotiations

Negotiation is very important when importing from China, the company will help you to get the best prices.

-Quality Control

Quality inspection services in China are a service that every importer needs to make sure the quality of the products and SourcingBro will handle this step on your behalf.


Once your goods are ready, the company will help you ship your products from China to your exact address.

Chapter 7: Maple Sourcing Company

Maple Sourcing provides a guarantee that products ordered by customers are manufactured and delivered on time and in the manner desired., maple Sourcing has quality controllers to ensure that products are manufactured according to customers’ wishes.

maple-sourcing-shenzhen agent

They don’t charge vendor fees, everything is transparent, so customers not only get great service but also get it at the lowest possible price.

Maple sourcing Overview:

-Sourcing Service

As a sourcing agent in Shenzhen. maple sourcing offers a sourcing service to their customers which includes supplier verification, source the right product, negotiate the right price for you.

-Manufacturing Control Procedure

The company has established a suitable control policy to deal with the organization of mass production.

-Quality Inspection

Maple Sourcing follows the rules when it comes to quality inspection. Their shipments go through pre-shipment assessments, ship loading checks and laboratory tests beforehand, all of this to ensure the quality of the goods and ensure the customer is getting the right products.

Chapter 8: LeelineSourcing Agent Company

Built by Sharline, LeelineSourcing has been in the industry for a decade and has an excellent reputation. No matter the size of the order, you don’t have to worry about quality or delivery as well as any transaction.

leeline-sourcing-shenzhen agent

The company makes every effort to provide optimum cases and satisfactory services to improve clients’ business, their services are fully comprehensive and cover everything required from China. With a highly experienced team, Leelinesourcing can get the best deals you are looking for.

Leelinesourcing Overview:

-Product Sourcing

To save time and improve your business efficiency, the company will source and get different products from different factories and suppliers.

-Amazon FBA Sourcing

If you are interested in a complete range of FBA resources, Leeline Sourcing provides you with the following FBA services to help you succeed in your Amazon FBA business.

-China Inspection Services

The company provides “1 by 1 inspection” as a solution to ensure that each unit in your order is in line with your requirements. This process ensures that each product is qualified and acceptable for re-sell.

-China Quality Control

Every importer from China worries about product quality before shipment, but Leeline as sourcing agent can help you do product quality inspection to ensure a smooth delivery.

-Factory Audit

LeelineSourcing can help you find the best Chinese manufacturer to ensure product quality and also check these factories before dealing with them.

Chapter 9: AMANDA INTL GROUP Shenzhen

amanda-intl-group-shenzhen-sourcing-shenzhen agent

Shenzhen Amanda is a major supply chain company. Its headquarters are in China and the United States. They are the sources of supply chain solutions dedicated to a variety of industries, with 12+ different languages translators, Amanda offers you various services:


-Supply service

Shenzhen Amanda purchases high-quality products from trusted manufacturers and suppliers. Its services include quality control, packaging regulation and laboratory testing verification.

-Brand design

Amanda offers services such as branding, graphic design, printing, and barcode testing.

-Logistics services

Shenzhen Amanda also offers container bookings, loading and transportation, and product inspection.

-Other services

Additional services at Shenzhen Amanda include hotel reservations and an airport pickup service.

Chapter 10:  lincaiservices Shenzhen Agent

lincaiservices-sourcing-shenzhen agent

LinkaiService Corporation focuses on providing E2E buying agent service, especially for electronic products, such as smart TV box, car audio, LED bulbs, power bank, headphone, Bluetooth speaker, camera, smart bracelet, keyboard, cell phone, computer Mobile.

The Company provides its customers with a one-stop supply solution from Shenzhen, the most important city for electronics products, to anywhere in the world.

Services Overview:

-Sourcing products

As a representative purchasing office in China, Lincai covers all activities of the supply chain.

-The customs

Help you manage packaging and shipping to save more if you have items from different suppliers.

-Supplier audit

The company can evaluate the production capacity, quality control ability, and production techniques in the plant.

-Sales assistant

Help organize your business trip to China. Organize schedule and conduct negotiations when visiting suppliers.

Chapter 11: Cnsourcerlink Sourcing Company

China Sourcelink was built as a global supplier of supply chain solutions in the position of US companies looking to sourcing manufacturies in China.

The company develops (design, concepts, prototypes, tools), manufactures (sourcing, manufacturing, quality control, and assembly) and manages the supply chain (warehousing, packaging, execution, and logistics) of existing or new products on behalf of our clients.

cnsourcelink-sourcing-shenzhen agent

As a leading supply chain management company, China Sourcelink plays three important and distinct roles in the supply chain for our customers: contract manufacturer, quality inspector, and freight forwarders.

Service Overview:

-Product design and prototyping

Product design and development is a broad field that encompasses the product life cycle, in which the entire process includes conceptualization, industrial design, engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, and implementation.

-Manufacturing contract

We provide a turnkey solution for contract manufacturing clients who wish to develop a supply chain in China for designing a new product or relocating production sites to existing configurations.

-Warehouse and order fulfillment

Cnsourcelink hassle-free warehouse and fulfillment services are specially designed for e-commerce owners or online sellers selling products made in China to the global market.

-Sourcing and procurement

With more than ten years of industry experience, China Sourcelink has really been the leading sourcing agent in China in all aspects.

-Quality control and inspection

China Sourcelink is a leading global provider of quality control and compliance services that collaborates with brands, retailers and importers around the world to secure, manage and improve their global supply chain.

-Logistics and freight services

As one of the leading Chinese freight forwarders, we provide excellent shipping and logistical services solutions at competitive prices to all companies who wish to ship goods from China to all over the world.

Chapter 12: Lazpanda Shenzhen Agent

lazpanda-sourcing-shenzhen agent

With more than 5 years of helping small businesses sourcing products from China around the world, Lazpanda sourcing company offers you different services to help you source and deliver from China to anywhere in the world, with experience and customer accumulation, Lazpanda has been verified as one of the best sourcing agents in China.

The company provides various services such as sourcing, supplier verification, product inspection, and shipment organization services, and we also provide business travel guides and other business training courses in China.

Services Overview:

-Product sourcing

    • Search suppliers
    • Compare price
    • Negotiate with supplier
    • Sample inspection by yourself
    • No order consolidation
    • Unable to monitor the production
    • Cannot avoid scam
    • No after service

-Amazon FbA services

Lazpanda provides Amazon Fba sourcing services, helps identify the best suppliers, verify product quality, standard Amazon labels, and manage shipments, also organize the whole import process from China to global.

Chapter 13: Penglight Sourcing Agent

penglight-sourcing-shenzhen agent

Penglight agent was created with the goal of helping small and medium-sized businesses survive and grow in the market, the company provides one-stop sourcing services to customers who import LED lights from China.

As one of the best-LED sourcing agents, Penglight has been engaged in the lighting industry for more than a year, with full experience and knowledge, headquartered in Shenzhen, Penglight enjoys easy access to huge factory resources and can be “your eyes and ears” while doing business with local factories.

You focus on your sales without worrying about the quality and price, their dedicated team can target the most suitable suppliers who can satisfy your needs with the best price and quality.

Penglight Overview:

-DIALux simulation

Still need a DIALux lighting simulation for your lighting projects? You can now count on Penglight! the company have good knowledge of the DIALux process, and  can help you simulate lighting planning for your projects.

-Specialized in LED lighting

Penglight is the only source for LED lighting products, such as lighting sources and fixtures. Unlike other sourcing companies that offer all kinds of products, it can be your professional sourcing partner and add real value to your business.

-Purchase management

To achieve efficiency and handle costs, Penglight coordinates and manages production, communication, information, logistics, etc. Across all of your suppliers, and let’s simplify it.

-Negotiation with suppliers

Negotiating between suppliers is always an essential and inevitable part of your success. As a professional and experienced sourcing company, Penglight can negotiate with local suppliers.

Chapter 14: Chinadivision Sourcing Agent

chinadivision-sourcing-shenzhen agent

The China division is China’s leading provider of supply chain services, covering product purchasing, warehouse management, order fulfillment, logistics transportation, and value-added services.

As a sourcing company in Shenzhen, China division has a supply chain of high-quality products in China, integrating the resources from the original manufacturers to the end customers.

The company can provide customized supply chain solutions based on customers’ product categories and distribution needs. We can help customers to purchase finished products and raw materials and find suppliers to manufacture finished products.

Chinadivision Overview:

-Product Sourcing

ChinaDivision boasts one-stop sourcing services and enables you to source from China in an unexpected and amazing way.


Organized and secure storage is what every importer needs and the Chinese division offer improved and well-organized storage solutions as well as free 30-day storage for you.

-Order Fulfillment

ChinaDivision will handle your shipment with the right way:

Picking & Packing, inspection, shipment management, and returns handling.


The company offers personalized value-added services such as:

Ultra-fast charging, you notify instantly via system alerts or email notifications, real-time monitoring and brand upgrade strategy.

-Crowdfunding Projects

The countless initiators who select their crowdfunding projects have benefited from the China division’s years of experience in crowdfunding applications. On the other hand, the company offers different delivery channels and competitive prices.

-Amazon Order Fulfillment

The China division offers a full range of e-commerce logistics and fulfillment services, ranging from order fulfillment, shipping, selection, and packaging to warehousing, an inspection of products, registration, and returns management.

Chapter 15: Hope sourcing agent Company

hopesourcing-sourcing-shenzhen agent

Hope sourcing agent as one of the sourcing agents in China, helping thousands of buyers all over the world to import from China.

They are qualified to supply furniture, textiles, clothing, makeup, sports, mesh, t-shirts, shoes, jewelry, electronics, gifts, office, and office products in bulk from the manufacturing plant.

The company has branches in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Foshan. It provides international sourcing services from purchasing products in China to shipping to destinations, such as Amazon warehouses around the world.

Hope sourcing overview:

-Sourcing Service

The company will help you source from China, you just need to tell them what you are looking for and you will get their best price quote within 2 days.

-Warehousing Service

Hopesourcing offers free warehouse and fulfillment services that are specially designed for sellers selling products made in China to the global market.

-Shipping Service

HopeSourcing provides excellent shipping and logistical services solutions at competitive prices to all importers who wish to ship goods from China to all over the world.

Chapter 16: Sourcingshenzhen agent

sourcingshenzhen-sourcing-shenzhen agent

SourcingShenzhen assists the purchasing mechanism so that customers can purchase the products at the best price. Located in Shenzhen, the company offers various services to guide customers and help them import products from China step by step.

Sourcingshenzhen Overview:

-production management

Once you have placed your order, Sourcingshenzhen offers you complete packaging solutions to customize your product. The company will help coordinate with the supplier to finish production on time.

-Quality control

A team will check all your products before shipment. If there is any quality issue, they will negotiate with the suppliers on your behalf and resolve the issues before the products leave China.

-Shipping regulations

After checking the product, sourcingshenzhen will arrange the shipment from China to your destination, through options such as sea freight, air freight, and air freight.

Chapter 17: Frequently Questions About Shenzhen Sourcing agent


1. What is a sourcing agent company?

Sourcing companies are intermediaries who facilitate relationships with suppliers. They specialize in importing goods from different parts of the world on your behalf.

2. How does a sourcing agent guarantee your buying from China?

  • Negotiate contracts.
  • Determine payment terms
  •  Market study.
  • Test the quality.
  • Sampling
  • Setting standards
  •  Transportation

3. Why is sourcing important?

Strategic sourcing skills play an important role in the cost structure and competitiveness of small and large companies.

These skills include analyzing high volume purchases and developing long-term partnerships with a select group of suppliers who are able to provide quality products and services at low cost.

4. What is the difference between sourcing and buying?

Sourcing is the process of evaluating suppliers, negotiating supply contracts, and managing supplier performance. Purchasing is the process of acquiring goods.

5. Why do you need a sourcing agent in China?

Most of the buyers from China need a sourcing agent when importing from a big country like China because it has become the main manufacturer of industrial products due to its low price and high-quality products.

So if you are an Amazon seller or an online seller, you might look to import products from 1688 Alibaba, made in China or anywhere else in China, you can see thousands of companies supplying products online as well.

If you don’t have the experience, you may lose a lot of time and money. For better importing, buyers hire agents to do everything on their behalf and avoid any issues that may affect their business when it related to import from China.


As you have seen, sourcing companies are a boon to any importer that wants to access goods both domestically and internationally, and these companies help reduce the disputes and risks that can arise due to proximity to ordered goods.

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