Complete Guide on Importing Kitchen Cabinet from China

A good kitchen cabinet is essential for the kitchen and its aesthetic purposes. Since there is an ever-expanding requirement for capacity, you need great, practical kitchen cabinets that are adaptable and can accommodate all your kitchen stuff and in this article, you will learn everything you need to know about importing kitchen cabinets from China.

Chinese kitchen cabinets are one of the valuable products that people seek to import. However, If you are planning to import kitchen cabinets from China, you will have to face some common problems. You can avoid these problems if you carefully read each step discussed in the article. Since we are experts in dealing with all kinds of products and suppliers, we will take care of all the requirements and problems that may arise during the course of importing from China.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Why Import Kitchen Cabinets from China?

Chapter 2: Types of Kitchen Cabinets

Chapter 3: Top 5 Materials for Kitchen Cabinets

Chapter 4: How to Select Cabinet Manufacturers in China?

Chapter 5: Complete Your Kitchen Cabinet Order in 5 Steps

Chapter 6: Problems You May Have When Importing Kitchen Cabinets from China

Chapter 7: Five Best Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers in China

Chapter 1: Why importing kitchen cabinets from China?

a. cheaper price

The principal reason behind importing kitchen cabinets from China is the best quality at a very reasonable cost. Chinese kitchen cabinets give incredible benefits to investors. Their first-rate manufacturing processes make the cabinets less expensive as well as of a high quality that outperforms other kitchen cabinets. China uses such advanced techniques in the manufacturing process that the cost of production becomes very low. That’s why the cabinets made in China are considerably cheaper than most of the other countries.

b. Easy assembling

Chinese kitchen cabinets are mainly intended for export. If you plan to import Chinese kitchen cabinets, you don’t need to stress over transportation and unloading as they are extremely simple to assemble. The cabinets parts are consolidated by cam locks that make them hold the sides with hooks. This makes them easy to export and after reaching their destination they can easily be assembled.

c. Various designs

Chinese kitchen cabinets are very beautifully designed. They are a mixture of magnificent Asian artistry and modern techniques providing great value to the customers. Most Chinese kitchen cabinets are completely extensible and accompany extraordinary features that will give you incredible satisfaction in your day to day usage. You can superbly fit in refrigerators, stoves and other kitchen hardware into the cabinets that will give your kitchen structure incredible space, solace, and convenience.

d. Good engineering processes

With the advancement in technology, Chinese kitchen cabinets are produced with innovative and modern procedures. Their innovation guarantees that a proficient, cost-effective, and quality kitchen cabinet is delivered. Chinese furniture manufacturers use some of the most modern techniques in the manufacturing processes. The use of information technology and artificial intelligence makes it possible to design and produce high-quality cabinets efficiently and at a low cost.

Chapter 2: Types of Kitchen Cabinets

Many new purchasers wonder what types of kitchen cabinets they should purchase. Before deciding on a major choice, carefully researching is required in order to save you from making bad decisions. Ensure you know about the types of kitchen cabinets well. Some most famous kitchen cabinets are as follows:

a. Shaker

Shaker is the most widely recognized style in the world. It mostly has five flat-panels that make a frame with four parts, and the fifth panel acts as a single horizontal center panel. This design gives traditional looks, and also comes in contemporary and customary looks.
Some of the highlights of Shaker cabinets are flat panel doors with rail frames, strong construction with wood, and useful designs that cater to modern kitchen requirements. A shaker is made utilizing high-quality wood including cherry, maple, oak, etc.

b. Louvered

the Louvered cabinet accompanies horizontal slats and is usually costly. It is a very decent choice if you want a unique design. Louvered cabinets are more spacious than other styles. Since they require ventilation that’s why Louvered cabinets have spaces between each slat.

c. Flat-panel or slab

These cabinets have simple and uncluttered looks. It lacks any expensive details. It is a preferred choice for simple and modern interiors. Usually, flat doors are available in decorative laminate or wood. The laminate gives a greater choice of colors and is also cheaper.

d. Inset

Inset style doors are completely dazzling looking. It’s a great choice that will keep going for ages. The cabinet entryway is set inside the cabinet outline, while different styles commonly lay outwardly of the casing. Inset doors are structured and developed with incredibly exact estimations so they fit inside the casing and open and close appropriately even when the wood grows and contracts. But remember that each inset door requires two uncovered pivots and requires more space to open them.

e. Distressed

If you are searching for antique style cabinets then the distressed is a perfect choice for you. Most of the manufacturers offer this style of cabinets. You can choose any door style and select to have the corners focused on or have other distressing techniques applied to give the entryway a matured inclination and look. However, remember that giving an antique look by using distressing techniques can be very costly as well.

f. Thermofil

Thermofil doors are made from MDF (medium-density fiberboard). Usually, they are covered with a plastic coating and then baked on a very high temperature resulting in a perfect seal. These cabinets are very durable and also cheaper than other types. They are moisture resistant and easy to maintain, however, they lack the heat-resisting capacity making them vulnerable to use near heating sources such as an oven. Thermofil doors are very durable, however, they are also very difficult to repair.

Chapter 3: Top 5 Materials for Kitchen Cabinets

a. Laminates

Laminates are raw materials that are widely used in the furniture industry. Laminates have vibrant colors and give a traditional look to the finished product. The cabinets made from laminates are considered very durable. You can get laminates or products made from laminates at a very reasonable price which will be a good decision for importing kitchen cabinet from China.

b. Wood veneers

A veneer is a thin slice of wood that is applied to the two sides of a solid center surface, similar to furniture-grade MDF or substrate material, to seal and balance out. Wood veneers need to be polished for giving them a fine texture and color. When polished, wood veneers look like actual wood and it is hard to differentiate whether the cabinet is made from wood or wood veneers.

c. Black marine plywood

Black marine plywood represents an eye-catching design. It is made with thin timber layers by pressing them. It is very shiny in its appearance. This appearance caters to the demands of modern kitchen design. It is very durable and also cost-effective.

d. Particleboard

Particleboard is produced using wood chips, sawdust, sawmill shavings a synthetic resin. It is normally a low-density fiberboard. If you are on a low budget then this is a very good option to choose.

e. Plywood

Plywood is made from thin layers of wood veneer by compressing them and making them stick together using glue. It is resistant to cracking, twisting, and shrinking and is used in making high-quality furniture, however, some types of plywood peel off easily making furniture vulnerable to damage.

Chapter 4: How to select cabinet manufacturers in China?

Alibaba is the most appropriate online platform for finding producers, sourcing operators, merchants, and resellers from various organizations for importing kitchen cabinet from China.

It is the world’s biggest web based business stage, where it is possible to search for anything. Alibaba has many furniture manufacturers who offer kitchen cabinets at a reasonable price.

When searching on Alibaba, use these filters to search for most reliable suppliers:

  1. • Gold Suppliers: When searching on Alibaba, try to search only gold suppliers having a good reputation as well.
  2. • Trade Assurance: Trade assurance allows you to select a third party to make your payment. This is a secure option to make a payment because the payment is only made after you receive your goods.
  3. • Assessed Supplier: By choosing Assessed supplier you will be assured that the supplier has been inspected by a third party and is reliable. It will guarantee you that their products meet the quality guidelines.

Trade shows

The trade shows are the ideal spots to meet Chinese providers straightforwardly. Some most famous trade shows are as follows:

a- Canton Fair

Canton Fair is held twice in a year in April to May and October to November. It is the largest national fair featured by approximately 60,000 pavilions. They offer thousands of quality products. You will find a large number of furniture manufacturers here offering kitchen cabinets at a reasonable price. A large number of visitors from all over the world visit this fair every year.

b- Yiwu fair

This fair is held in October in the city of Yiwu. It mainly focuses on small quantity buyers from all over the world. You will find good quality kitchen cabinets on wholesale rates here. It is held in October at Yiwu city. Here roughly 70,000 corners go to more than 100,000 merchants from a great many Chinese creations.

c- Shanghai Import and export commodity fair

It is the main regional fair in China. It is held once in the month of March every year. There are garments, materials, workmanship, and other customer merchandise accessible. More than 35,000 purchasers and shippers around the globe accumulate here to pick their items. Here you will find a reasonable number of furniture manufacturers offering kitchen cabinets.

Furniture manufacturing clusters

You definitely realize China is the world’s biggest furniture exporter on the planet. There are 45 modern furniture manufacturing bases in the country. In the event that you want to import kitchen cabinets from China, you should know the five most unmistakable assembling districts of the Chinese state.

a- Bohai Sea Rim

This zone is notable for covering household needs. Bohai Sea Rim has advanced furniture fabricating base having access to a lot of assets. It focuses on the areas of Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei.

b-Pearl River delta

This is the broadest modern furniture based in China. This base contains 33% of Chinese furniture making and selling business. It covers the areas of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Shunde, and Foshan.

c- Yangtze River delta

This zone is known to produce furniture quickly. You will find top-notch furniture items and standard organizations that can deliver new things. Around one-third of furniture yield value happens here. It focuses on the areas of Shanghai, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang.

• Sourcing agents

Discovering made by sourcing operators is becoming increasingly popular among shippers who need importing kitchen cabinet from China. A sourcing specialist can save you from doing each fundamental importing procedure until the shipment arrives at its destination. That is helpful while you need more time. Numerous shippers select a sourcing agent so they just can get their arranged items from their own nation. The sourcing agent will take a survey and assess the kitchen cabinet’s usefulness and will also assess the quality control requested by the purchaser. A sourcing agent takes all the duties from sourcing to definite shipment. In this manner taking assistance from a specialist is secure and helpful especially for start-up businesses.

Chapter 5: Complete Your Kitchen Cabinet Order in 5 Steps

a. Make a plan for kitchen floor

A decent floor plan can convey a delightful, completely practical kitchen. While making or picking kitchen structures, you see the appearance as well as the usefulness. Before buying, it is necessary to make an all around structured kitchen floor plan and a financial limit for what you might want to spend on your kitchen cabinets. It is necessary to plan before buying because if you do not understand the requirements such as required space, you will be unable to meet the needs of your target market.

Before importing, try to know which size of cabinet suits your customers’ needs. The demand for capacity can vary in different locations. When you have confirmed the size, contact your manufacturer or supplier and they will be able to provide the cabinets according to your preferred dimensions.

This will surely help you in purchasing the cabinets according to the requirements of your target market.

b. cabinets usage

Comprehend what you require from your kitchen cabinets. Take a look at how the cabinets are manufactured and which materials are used? Take into account your considerations about the style and size of the cabinets and what kind of kitchen apparatuses you want to store in them. There are primarily three varieties available: stock, semi-custom, and custom. Stock cabinets are available in limited styles and color options. Semi-custom cabinets give more decisions pertaining to style and setups for a progressively precise fit for your kitchen. Custom cabinets are the most costly choice, however can incorporate many features.

c. Confirm material and quotes

Remember that you should convey to the provider the guidelines that your item should follow. You should initially evaluate which guidelines apply to home items in your market, and afterward impart this prerequisite to your maker. You should give the provider a specifications list. This can incorporate details, for example, divider and base, entryway outline, front edge, cabinets inside, pivots, connectors and more

d. Confirm 3D design

Before buying, you should record every single explicit material in the contract. This will save you from the chances of fault, disputes with producers and receiving an inappropriate item. Affirm your kitchen cabinet specifications, sizes, drawings and terms. At the point when a last structure has been finalized, the maker will deliver prepared drawings for your audit and endorsement.

e. Manufacture and pay

When you affirm the structure and pay full price, your request is sent straightforwardly to the processing plant in China. It will take almost 70-90 days to receive your items from the date of production to the final delivery.

Chapter 6: Problems You May Have When Importing Kitchen Cabinets from China

a. Quality Issues

The most important issue that you may experience when importing kitchen cabinets from China is related to the quality of the product. Here are a few examples:

• The panel stock in some cabinets may not be durable and unable to last long.

• The finishing may also may not be not up-to the mark exposing the cabinets to scratches and can lead to the destruction of cabinets within a few years.

• We have found that in some cases, drawers guides are connected using low quality material. This will lead to the malfunctioning of the drawers if they have excessive weight.

• Some Chinese manufacturers make an item with wood that has excessive moisture and not prepared yet. This makes the cabinet material twist over time.
Owing to these quality issues make sure that before shipment, you must assess the quality of the products completely. If you find any issue in the quality, contact the manufacture and ask him to correct it. You can also arrange a sourcing agent or quality checking overseer to inspect the quality of your cabinets.

b. Delayed Delivery

When importing from China, delayed delivery is also a problem faced by many importers. We have found that in many cases, majority of the Chinese manufacturers stop the production many days before the Chinese New Year and only resume their work 15 days after the New Year. You have to make your shipment plan according to the holidays and also reserve more time than offered by the suppliers. You should also include late delivery compensation in your contract. Also an audit of the manufacturing plants commence in December delaying the production for many days and in some cases up-to a month.

c.  Environmental Issue

Some Chinese manufacturers use prohibited materials such as sulfur, lead and formaldehyde in the manufacturing of cabinets. The Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) bans the use of these ingredients. If these types of materials are used in the manufacturing, your goods can be liable to compliance issues and your shipment can be confiscated. Therefore, it is advisable to check thoroughly that your products meet the rules and regulations set by The Environmental Protection Agency.

Chapter 7: Five Best Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers in China

1- ZBOM Kitchen Cabinet

It was founded in 1998 and is widely considered as the pioneer of cabinet manufacturing in China. It is one of the most prominent cabinet makers in China. ZBOM mainly focuses on Australian market.

2- OPPEIN Kitchen Cabinet

OPPEIN is the largest cabinet manufacturer in Asia. It offers excellent quality kitchen cabinets.

3- REBON Kitchen Cabinet

It is a well established company offering cabinets made with various materials. It specializes in European style cabinets.

4- BORCCI Kitchen Cabinet

It is also one of the most prominent cabinet manufacturers. It mainly focuses on the USA market and has its offices in the USA.

5- Guangdong Bomei Windows & Doors&Cabinets Co., Ltd.

It was established in 2007 and is situated in Foshan city. It has a very good record of manufacturing and supplying best quality kitchen cabinets.


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