Are you planning to become an importer of Chinese electronics? Do you want to learn knowledge about importing electronics from China? What essential aspects should you consider before deciding about it?

Without knowing the actual perks and benefits of importing Chinese electronics, most business people declare this business a complicated process under strict business regulations.

Here is a complete breakdown that you should know about importing electronics from China. Read this comprehensive guide to take the wise decision about importing quality Chinese electronics for your business. Let’s get started!

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Why Choose China as an Importer of Electronics?

Chapter 2:  What you Need to Know Before Selecting an Electronics Manufacturer in China?

Chapter 3: Types of Electronics you can Import from China

Chapter 4: How to Find an Electronics Supplier in China?

Chapter 5: Tips & Precautions to Import Electronics from China

Chapter 1: Why Choose China as an Importer of Electronics?


Importing electronics from China is not a new business idea as people from different countries rely on this business strategy for so long. There would be some shining reasons that always attract the business people to be the Importers of Chinese electronics and grasp the opportunity to grow their business empire.

There are hundreds of half a million suppliers you can find worldwide to import electronics from China. Moreover, they might provide you a lower price or give you a competitive edge.

But when you are importing, you have a long list to get checked. Before you start importing, you should be clear about your objective you want to achieve and find a reliable supplier as you need to build a healthy long-term relationship with your supplier.

In studies, it is shown that dynamic policies have been successful. Moreover, when you take a closer look at the data of importing Chinese products, there is a sophisticated increase in its value. It is all because when you look around the market in the world, China is the one that helps you import electronics well at a comparatively low price without compromising on the quality of the products.

Some fresh entrepreneurs are still about to enter the field and are skeptical about taking Chinese electronics to import in their home country. So, why should they choose Chinese electronics to boost their business? Here are a few practical and worthwhile reasons to become an importer of Chinese electronics. Have a look!

1. Lower Price

Importing electronics from China embarked on the highest profit margin. Either it’s electronics or electronic versions of other products, these products are considerably higher in price than standard products. For instance, an electronic version of any commodity is 50% (average) higher than a regular version. That’s a compelling reason to choose Chinese electronics to import as you can earn more despite selling a limited number of goods.

2. Unique Findings and Cool Range of Products


The variety is essential to stay in any business for long. The customers always look for a product with a compelling and unique design with smart features and accessories. China owns an industry that fulfills all the requirements with a broad array of products marketed in the region. So, there is an unlimited possibility to get the items satisfying the demand for uniqueness and variety.

You can see a rapid increase in your sales and profit following the right business strategy. Just know what attracts the modern consumer most, resulting in higher sales for your business.

3. Fewer Competitors

Less competition means a high probability of gaining sustainable profit. Most business people are frightened by the complexity and difficulties attached to importing electronics from China, including finding products, freighting, regulation compliance, and maintenance. That is the reason for the fistful competitors you will find in your region.

This scenario will help you to cater to more customers and increase the sale. Make proper research to know every bit to import electronics from china to grab a worthy status in this business. Let’s have a glance at what are those essential factors to consider in this regard.

Chapter 2:  How to Select an Electronic Manufacturer in China?

Once you are convinced to import Chinese electronics and boost your, you must consider a few essential factors to decide on China’s right electronic manufacturers.


The electronic products from China should strictly follow quality standards. The importer should keenly check the quality specification stated on the product packaging. Here are a few crucial concerns to note when selecting an electronics manufacturer, despite whether you buy ODM or OEM.

1. Regulatory Compliance

The manufacturer must comply with appropriate safety standards and regulations when buying from China in multiple world regions. Compliance testing through a third-party lab may be necessary for this.

The Chinese electronics industry is a vast and grown possession of China, but most manufacturers still can’t ensure regulatory compliance. That is why the importer must check the previous compliance to prevent the common.

So, it becomes imperative to ensure that the electronics are compliant and have the necessary documents to prove the Declaration of Conformity and Test Reports.

List of Electronics Testing Companies:

2. Technology Licensing

Suppose the products encompass the technologies including Bluetooth or Apple lighting connector etc. In that case, the importer has to pay a license fee on a per-product (SKU) or manufactured unit as these technologies are not an open source while the android OS license is free.

Take a keen look at everything before importing the electronics from China.

3. Production Capabilities

Some suppliers put together assembled PCBs, casing, and other components purchased directly from subcontractors. While other manufacturers, however, design and make PCBs in house, and some may even refine and cut fabrics, TPU, silicone, and other materials used in their products.

The last type of electronics manufacturer offers various products and broad chances to customize the existing products. That makes things easier to distort the design, redesign the product, and resolve the functional flaws that may occur while developing a new product.

4. Electronics Packaging

Product packaging and labeling are crucial for fulfilling regulatory standards. Electronic products are generally delicate items, and the manufacturer should provide the appropriate product packaging before shipping the electronics from china. This practice will prevent any expected product destruction.

An appropriately packed product will save users from radiation by protecting the device from moisture and humidity. Also, the box of electronic products should be labeled with each essential information.

5. Quality Check

The quality management system is vital to track the quality and anticipate quality issues throughout the production process. Testing is essential to carry out regularly on the assembly lines to prevent the sequence of quality issues. If the problem is not detected at first, it can multiply quality issues rapidly and ruin an entire batch of products.

A few manufacturers comply with a detailed QMS such as ISO 9001:2008, while most electronics manufacturers have at least one or two testing stations. A comprehensive quality management system requires more time and investment.

The importer should check the full functionality and parts for each of the orders and create a comprehensive quality checklist before deciding and shipping China-made products. As the return of defective electronics to the factory would be another tricky task.

Most suppliers don’t cover shipping costs when returning products with defects, so the importer should do his satisfaction before finalizing Chinese electronics. Which things importer should pay heed to are:


Quality Check is essential for every order and the importer shouldn’t neglect it.

6. Electronics Safety Risks

Just relying on things as they are and not paying heed to safety regulations might cost the importer too much. Cheap, substandard, counterfeit, and non-compliant electronic products can cause significant destruction and explosion. So, there is an absolute reason that non-compliant products are illegal and can’t be imported.

The importer should prioritize compliance and safety without a second thought. Staying unaware and relying on the manufacturer is not a solution. Carefully check the items are compliant and provide the necessary documentation for surety.

7. Warranty and Returns

The importers of Chinese electronics should remain aware that most suppliers don’t take responsibility for even the most prominent quality issues. At the same time, some electronics companies claim to offer the product warranty and return.

Even if the companies or manufacturers do clear their “warranty terms,” the importer should know that they wouldn’t cover shipping costs to and from China. Accordingly, the importer should not rely on the supplier’s claim to give a warranty in any exact way.

After knowing all the tips and precautions, now the importers should know about the multiple electronics types they can import from China. Let’s dig into it.

Chapter 3: Types of Electronics you can Import from China

We will encourage you to import electronics from China because the margin is higher and helps you profit for your business success. Here are a few electronic products to import from China. Have a look!

1. Importing Digital Electronics


China is more preferred to import digital electronics as it offers you modern digital electronics with unique design and features at a low price. It is why China is one of the largest producers of electronics in this world. The digital electronics trustworthy suppliers come from the area Shenzhen, Ningbo, Hangzhou, and many more.

Moreover, the Chinese supplier provides you with high-quality products at affordable prices. You can order the desired product for your company; all you need is to acquire the legal documents.

2. Importing Analog Electronics from China

Analog electronics are widely in demand as they are used for transmitting the information. You can find reliable sellers from various parts of china for analogous electronics. Some comparable electronics devices are thermistors used to measure temperature in weather or liquid, photocells used to measure the intensity of light in a room, and many more.

You can get a great quality product at affordable prices if you found the right manufacturer and know how to negotiate.

3. Importing Consumers Electronics from China

China, no doubt, has a considerable electronics market.  Shenzhen is a hub of consumer electronics, and it is a place from where you can import your consumer electronics. You can find all types of consumer electronics in China, for example, business, industrial, etc.

With that, you will get several electronics at an affordable price, and every seller has its distinctive feature.

4. Importing PCB Board from China

China is having a tremendous increase in the industry of Printed Circuit Board (PCB). PCB Boards are high in demand as they are used in different fields like automotive, telecommunication, LED, medical, consumer electronics, etc.


About 90% of the PCB manufacturers are located in the Zhejiang province and Guangdong province. However, due to some specific laws, more and more are moving towards Sichuan Province, Hubei Province, etc.

Chinese suppliers provide all varieties of integrated circuit boards depending on their thickness and types. For example, you can order different kinds of boards such as single-sided, double-sided, etc.

Moreover, you can customize your PCB by printing your brand’s logo on the integrated circuit board. Finding the right manufacturer for PCB is essential as it will assure you of the quality and cost-effective boards.

5. Importing Mobile Phones from China

China has an inventive market for mobile phones, which have excellent specialties and are at affordable prices. You can import all the latest mobile phones from all top brands, and most mobile phone sellers are from Shenzhen. Therefore, you can get fully-functional android phones at a reasonable price that has all the compelling specifications.

6. Importing Electronic Machines from China

China is an expert manufacturer of electronic machines, and the best manufacturing companies are located in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Dongguan.

Moreover, China Wholesale market supply high-quality wholesale electronic machinery at an affordable price and have good customer care.

7. Importing iPhone batteries from China

If you want to import iPhone batteries, then you should work with a professional seller. iPhone batteries are imported under DC (Dangerous Good) shipments, and under DG shipments, you need to acquire the necessary documents for this.

Moreover, it would be best to work with professionals to assure you that all batteries are of 100% capacity. They can customize the batteries by printing your logo on them.

8. Importing Opto Electronics from China

Optoelectronic are the electronic devices that involve light in it. Optoelectronic devices include telecommunication laser, photodiodes, blue laser, optical fiber, and many more are used in military, medical applications, telecommunication, etc.

China has optoelectronics device manufacturers in Beijing, Jiangsu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and many more. Moreover, they supply optoelectronics in more than 20 countries.

9. Importing Marine Electronics from China

Marine electronics are always in demand and produce high-quality items at competitive price points. You can find a certified Marine electronics manufacturer in china and guarantee good customer service.

10. Importing IC Chip from China

IC (Integrated Circuit) chip, also called microelectronic, is a set of electronic components like transistors, capacitors, and resistors that work together to achieve a common goal. China consists of those few companies that manufacture IC chips worldwide.

Thus, there are hundreds of distributors that sell IC chips of different brands in the Shenzhen market. You can find any model number of IC chips in the Shenzhen market.

Chapter 4: How to Find an Electronics Supplier in China?


Importing electronics has become a tremendously significant part of China’s overall economy, and you will get products at a reasonable wholesale price.

China is the most attractive market for importers to import goods. This reflection leads us to be fascinated to look for the factors that heighten the china import market. The reasons behind it are unfolded here as China has different market segments.

To find a trustworthy and reliable electronic supplier in china is an important step you have to take regarding your business. We aim to import electronics from China at a rock bottom price. You are giving your money to the seller to lift your business from the ground.

Moreover, your profit will be estimated on how low you can drive the sourcing cost. Thus, it is a challenging task to find a well-grounded one.

1. Using Imports Data to Find electronics suppliers

There are different ways through which you can find a seller to import electronics goods. So, here comes a solution for this is to find suppliers through import data.

Import data gives you ease to find your desirable supplier without moving. It will help you get all the information regarding the supplier’s name, agents involved, duty, etc. Therefore, you contact the seller directly to negotiate, and you will have the data to analyze by yourself.

Import data does not give you an email or contact number but will provide you with enough information to find your desirable supplier. To know about import data, you should know the HS code of the electronic item.

There are two import differentiated types based on the level of information they gave you. IGM (Import General Manifest) data gives you limited information, whereas Import data will provide you with full detailed information regarding the suppliers.

2. Search For Wholesale Electronics Suppliers Online

It does not seem feasible to go there personally to search for wholesale electronics suppliers if your concern is time and money. So, here comes a solution to this problem is to search online. Online searching will ease the task and help you find reliable electronics wholesalers to import your electronics goods.

Moreover, you can find several online suppliers who will provide you electronics items for your business, likely to be Alibaba, Aliexpress, DHgate, Global sources, and Made in China.

Each of the websites will provide you different sellers, and you have to look at them to find the one who is providing good quality consumer goods.

So, given below is the list of top websites that will help you find your desirable seller from whom you can find the order in bulk.

  • Finding Electronics Suppliers on Alibaba

Alibaba is a good source of finding suppliers; with that, you have a large variety of products you can import from. Compared to Alibaba, placing an order on Aliexpress is a little complicated. Hence, you will find all the electronics products, even some of the latest technology products in bulk from Alibaba.

Alibaba has a limited number of suppliers for some electronic items; that is the difficulty you can face finding the latest technology electronic goods.

  • Finding Electronic Suppliers on com & made-in-china.com

If you desire to contact the manufacturers, you are at the right platform Global Sourced & Made in China. You might not find a large variety of electronics items as compared to other platforms. Still, you will contact directly the manufacturer of the item rather than the supplier.

Moreover, you can contact the manufacturer to custom design it for you according to your preference and needs.

3. Sourcing Agent


Even if you still think it is a complicated task for you, sourcing agents will do the heavy lifting. A sourcing agent will help you find a reliable electronic supplier for you to import goods. Moreover, they will negotiate on your behalf with the supplier or manufacturer and sign the deal for you.

4. Come to China to Find Electronics Suppliers

Shenzhen is the hub of electronics in China. If you have enough budget and time to look for the manufacturer by going there yourself, you should go to the Shenzhen Huangqianbei Electronic Market. Moreover, you will discover more variety of electronics items you can import for your business.

The Seg electronic market in Shenzhen is one of the best places to find quality electronic items at a very affordable price. You will be fascinated by the variety of products you will see in the Shenzhen market.

Another market in Shenzhen selling a variety of electronic products is Huaqiang Electronic World. You might get an idea for selling new electronic items other than products you primarily want to import for your business.

There are more sellers in this market than manufacturers. Therefore, you might get to face difficulty if you’re going to customize the product. They provide you with fad-electronics and popular selling devices, and your supply of products may not be stable as they are sellers, not the manufacturers.

5. Attending Electronic Trade Shows & Fairs

Another great opportunity that comes in your way if you are looking for manufacturers is to attend electronics exhibitions, trade shows, etc.

Mentioned below are the two of the most popular trade shows and fairs of electronic products.

  • (Canton Fair) China Import and Export Fair

The Canton Fair is an international trading fair held in the Guangzhou city of china held in every spring and autumn. It is one of the oldest shows held in china that displays a large variety of products.

  • Hong Kong Electronics Fair

Hong Kong Electronics Fair is the most popular and most extensive professional electronic exhibition in Asia. It is held in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center in China every spring and autumn.

Moreover, you will find highly regarded electronic suppliers and provide an excellent opportunity to connect with other countries during the fair.

Chapter 5: Tips & Precautions to Import Electronics from China


We have learned so far about how to import electronics from China? Why should China be your choice? And how do you find electronic suppliers from China? In this section of the article, we will learn about the precautions we have to take to ship our electronics without any difficulty.

China is a destination you cannot miss for business, and China is manufacturing a hefty amount of consumer goods. Importing from China is proven to be successful sourcing for many companies. It provides an excellent opportunity for the seller to import goods. However, it is not an easy task for newbies, but it is still recommended due to the profit they would get you. You will be able to get the electronics items at rock bottom prices.

Moreover, the importing process is complex and confusing, so that it might seem a little challenging for you. So, written below are the few terms and streamlines you have to consider when shipping from china.

1. Complete Documentation

The proper documentation is crucial for you, as it is vital for international logistics and customs clearance. You need to have complete and updated documentation to not face any difficulty when importing goods from china.

Your documents should have all relevant details related to the recipient, for example, the address, contact details, and price.

Therefore, if your documentation is not providing all the information, your package will be sent back or remains in the customs office. You will have to face delays in time and the risk of delays at customs.

At two points of your shipment, you need your documentation so that your goods can be delivered safely without any problem. Firstly, you need documentation at the time of import, and secondly, you need it at the destination port.

2. Learn the Prohibition Laws

Every country has its own set of rules and regulations according to which you cannot import some goods which contradicts the cultural and political beliefs. So, it is essential to check the prohibition list of goods from foreign embassies and your country’s consultation to know what is prohibited.

Some of the prohibited goods include medication, foods, pets, tobacco, and many more varies from country to country.

3. Import from Reliable Seller or Manufacturer


It is always good to import products from reliable and trustworthy suppliers to give you issuance of goods quality. Moreover, the company will help you look for the product according to your niche and inform you about the customs laws and regulations.

The seller will have a good reputation for shipping goods from China and has a license to operate. Your information and payment will be in the safe hands of a reputable company.

4. Safe Packaging

Your delivery location can be at quite a distance, so it is vital to have intact and protective packaging to avoid any damage to your items.

Moreover, you should be extra careful and invest more in packaging if you are importing fragile items. There are different ways to make your packaging secure by using cardboard or bubble sheets around your goods. Besides, they protect your interests, and you will avoid any tampering with your goods.

5. Learn about Import Taxes

Import taxes are the amount of custom you pay to your country for importing goods from China. The amount of tariff varies from product to product you import from China as some products cost you a lot of tax while some personal interests don’t cost much.

Therefore, you should look for import duties to learn about the taxes you have to pay for importing items. It also depends on your package’s content, and there is a limit to the number of personal goods you can import.

Your package invoice will help the customs office learn about your package’s content, the country from which you import. Moreover, you need the receipt at the time of clearance.

6. Opt Cost-effective Shipment

You are importing products in bulk, so you should look for shipment ways that do not cost you a lot. Therefore, the preferable shipment way is to ship them if you have enough time to wait for their delivery.

No doubt flight shipment is the fastest and secure way and delivers your product urgently, but it is more costly.

7. Labeling of Product

It would be best if you were attentive to how your products are labeled. Make sure to fill the Pro-form invoice that describes all products in the package. Every country has its own rules on how to mark the package. A label will provide the information regarding

  • The product information, such as content, size, and price.
  • The seller country
  • Instructions

It will ensure that the customs office does not have to open your product packaging for inspection.

8. Hidden Cost

Prepare yourself to receive the invoice with the surprise cost, which was not seen. These costs occur in pickup location charges, any additional regulation fee such as damping tax, terminal fees, warehousing cost during custom clearance, and many more.

The packaging or weight will add additional cost to your budget.

9. Track Your Package

China is a vast country, and daily dispatches hundreds of orders from China to other countries. So, you must be able to track your package until it reaches your destination.

Tracking the package is essential for both the seller and buyer as it will help the customers that their orders will be delivered on time, and for manufacturers, it will help them have data to be shown to clients.

Moreover, hiring such a company will help you build trust between the customers and seller; you will be able to track your package location without any loss.

10. Compliant Electronics

There is nothing worse than opening your new electronic packaging and see it is not working. Therefore, importing the electronics must have a safety certificate to ensure that you fulfill any other safety mark requirements.

Hence, make sure to get assurance from the supplier and inquire about the affected devices before shipping.


Hopefully, after reading this guide, you have learned why china is the best place to import electronics and how to import electronics from china. Importing electronics from China to the USA, UK, or any region in the world is not as complicated as it seems to be. Choose a supplier having good reviews, select quality products to sell, and if you