Are you looking at how to buy toys from China?

China is the best supplier of the toy wholesale market. Many toys manufactured in China has a different place of origin. Either you look for online shopping platforms like Alibaba, Taobao, or other Chinese e-Commerce websites.

You may be overwhelmed with the list of toy products from a bunch of suppliers in China. Looking for the right China toys wholesale market could be challenging. You have to identify the quality and real suppliers for your business.

Therefore, you need to be well informed of all the nitty-gritty in manufacturing toys from the legit manufacturers and the process involved from purchasing to shipping.

In this article, we will give you the simplest guide on how to import toys from China wholesale market. We will talk about the important factors you need to know such as:

  • Where to look for the best toy manufacturer
  • Guidelines on how to look for the best toy manufacturer
  • Most frequently asked questions from purchasing to shipping

Table of content

Chapter 1: Why You Should Import Toys from China 

Chapter 2: What Are The Best Toys To Import From China

Chapter 3: Where to Look for Best Toys Suppliers in China

Chapter 4: Documents and Certificates Required for Importing Toys from China

Chapter 5:  Best China Toys Sourcing Agents in China

Chapter 6:  Top China Toys Wholesale Market in China

Chapter 7:  Guidelines to Find Best Toys Suppliers in China

Chapter 8:  How to Arrange Trip to Yiwu and Shantou Toys Market in China

Chapter 9: FAQ about Buying Toys From China

Chapter 1: Why You Should Buy Toys From China?

The toy market is considered a billion industry. China manufacturers are well-known globally for being in the top international toy export market.

From traditional toys like toy cars, building blocks, plushies, etc. to new trends in the market, China has it all for your toy business. They manufacture every kind of toy at a wholesale price. If you are looking to purchase high-quality toys in bulk orders, consider importing from China.


Apart from this, the following reasons also make China heaven for import products from.

-Lower Wages makes the cost of goods more competitive

-Raw materials are the most accessible

-Mast production capacity available

-High number of highly train labor

Chapter 2: What Are The Best Toys To Buy From China?

Toy Categories Specific Toys Manufacturing Areas in China
Educational Toys Drawing of Toy, Magic Scratch paper, Learning tables for Toddlers, Water drawing mats, Bubbles Blocks Toys, Geometry Toys, Magnetic Blocks, Magneti Book, Painting House Toy, Balance Puzzle Zhejiang Province and  Abd Guangdong Province
Action Figures Toys Hot Movie Cartoon Toy Figure, Japan Anime One Piece Figure Mini PVC, Animal Baby Yoga Dog, Poly Resin Statue Crafts, Full 3d Hot Toy,  Wild Hunt Dark Horse Gerald Witcher, Mercenary Police, OEM Football Player,  Anime Super Saint Seiya, etc. Chinese manufacturers are based in a different area in China(Guangdong, Fujian, etc.)
Electronic Toys Electric Home Appliance Set Toys, Electric Tool Set Pretend Play Toy, Wobbling Ponys Plastic Horse, Electric Music Toy, Electronic Building Blocks, Electric Animal Ride Kids Car Toys, Electric Comforter Soft Factory Stuffed Toy, etc. Shantou and Shenzhen
Inflatable Toys Inflatable Swimming Pool, Inflatable toys, musical instruments, Beach balls, Ringtube pool, Water slide, Party Play Game, Theme Inflatable,etc. Chinese manufacturers are based in a different area in China ( Jiangsu, Shejiang, Guangdong)
Ride-on-toys 4-wheel- Kids Electric Car, Licensed Electric Mercedes Car, Car Remote Control, Ponycycle Unicorn, etc. Chinese manufacturers are based in a different area in China (Hebei, Zhejiang, Guangdong)
Toy Musical Instruments Wooden Toy Instruments, Percussion Toy,  Coconut Shell Sand Hammer,  Orff Teaching Musical Instruments Yuewei, Hebei, Guangdong. Zhejiang
Stuffed Toys Animal Toys, Teddy Bears, Toys with Squeakers Inside, Dog Stuffed Animals, etc. Chinese manufacturers are based in a different area in China (Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, etc.)
Arts and Crafts DIY Painting Crafts, Wagon Toy Art, and Craft Trolley, Art Set, etc. Chinese manufacturers are based in a different area in China ( Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang)
Battling Toys Infrared RC Battling Helicopter, LED Light Up Sword Buccaneer Sword, Double Players Battle HTC Virtual Reality Equipment, etc. Shantou, Guangdong
Building and Construction Toys Construction Building Toys Kids Wood Blocks, Natural Beech Wooden Blocks, Rainbow Snow Flakes Plastic Construction, Educational Dream Park, Kids Puzzle, etc. Chinese manufacturers are based in a different area in China ( Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong
Games and Puzzle Toys Jigsaw Wooden City Track Puzzle Game, Educational Drawing Board Toy with Puzzle Game, Building Blocks Puzzle Game Toy, Musical Puzzle Game, etc. Wenzhou, Xiair, Guangzhou, Caoxian, Yiwu, and many more
Infant Toys BPA Free Baby Teether, Soft Plush Baby Hanging Stroller, Infant Education Sounder Doll Plush, Infant Hand Bells Hand Grip, Toy Wrap Around Crib Rail, etc. Yangzhou, Guangzhou, Wenzhou, Dongguan, Guangdong, and many more

There are many types of toys produced in China, and their consumption trends are also different. You need to know what to buy, whether it’s toy dolls, classic toys, baby toys, etc. Like any business, you need to do your homework and determine which toys you need to sell on the market to compete with your competitors and make a profit.

Chapter 3: Where to Look for Best Toys Suppliers in China?

1. Trade Fairs

Toy trade fairs are one of the must-go-to for toy traders. You can have ideas on Chinese toy products with the latest trends in the market. You can look for the best quality before you buy toys from China at a very affordable price for your budget.


Most toy companies offer discounts, promos, and exciting offers to toy buyers. Two of the most popular trade fairs are China Toy Expo in Shanghai (October, once a year) and Canton Fair in Guangzhou (October and April, twice a year).

Many trade fairs are organized every year. You may check the trade fairs to buy toys from China on Trade Fair Dates page to see the exhibit calendar starting in May 2021.

2. Online B2B Marketplace

The digital transformation brings in China in 1999 for B2B connections. If you are familiar with Amazon and eBay, there are Chinese platforms for the B2B marketplace. Now, it is possible to buy toys from China at a competitive price online.


You can choose from a wide range of international payment options. They also offer logistics and services and trade insurances. This gives security to global customers who want their money back if there are issues with any items they bought online.

The top China B2B Marketplace are the following:


3. Sourcing Companies

China is a manufacturing hub when it comes to importing products worldwide. It holds a major advantage over smaller manufacturing counterparts. If you do toy product research about toy wholesale markets, you can find various popular markets to check and buy toys from China and from thousands of suppliers.

If you want to ease your burden, sourcing agents are available at your service. From sourcing your desired toy items to shipping, these agents are responsible for overseas sales and offer you the most reasonable price for your import toy items.

Chapter 4: Documents and Certificates Required for Buying Toys from China

Buying toys from China requires documents and certifications from your chosen suppliers and manufacturers. You have to know the regulations of your country’s restrictions on importing toys.


Check the list of requirements you need to secure:

1. Compliance and Safety Regulations

Check your country’s regulatory requirements for toy safety and compliance. Since children use toy items, regulators have strict compliance for safety.

In the USA, you need to secure compliance with ASTM F963-11 rules. CPSIA is mandatory safety certification as well.

In the European Union, the toys need to pass the EN&1-1,2 and 3. Aside from this certificate, the toys must have a CE mark. For electronic toys, you need to secure the EN62115 certificate.

In Canada, the CCPSA certificate is mandatory. In New Zealand and Australia, the official safety standard is having the  AS/NZA ISO8124- part 1, 2, and 3 certificates. In Japan, the toy standard must pass the ST2012.

2. Testing Regulations

You need to have third party testing for toy imports from China. The testing is for access points, accessible edges, heavy elements like coating materials, cleanliness of liquids, pastes, etc., heavy elements in substrate materials and even small objects. Products would get approval if all the required test passed the standard compliance.

3. Labeling Test Regulations

It also applies to the quality requirement for imported toys from China. The certified tracking label must show the name, location and date of manufacturer, manufacturing process details, or

any information about the product source.

4. Import Declaration Form

The documents include information regarding the number of goods, shipment value, cargo classification, and quality standards.

5. Certification of Conformity

When you buy toys from China, you have to check the document that shows that the toys are compliant with the set of safety and quality requirements.

6. Packing List

The packing list includes the product description, weight in metric tons, product number, and toy items’ cubic measurements.

7. Commercial Invoice

The commercial invoice includes the consignment details, insurance amount, value, freight charges, etc. It should conform to the details in the packing list.

8. Bill of airway/lading bill

For sea shipment, you need a bill of lading documents. For airfreight cargo, you need to secure the airway bill. These are proof of carriage between the shipping company and on your behalf. A licensed customs broker can assist you in preparing these documents for toy importation from China.

Chapter 5: What Are The Best China Toys Sourcing Agents in China?

1. EJET Sourcing


The company was founded in 2006 with the main headquarter in Yiwu, Zhejiang. EJET Sourcing focuses on giving value-added from sourcing to shipping service. It is the leading sourcing agent as they supply profitable and high-quality products and cater to their clients’ diversified needs.

They make sure that their customers would be worry-free from all the challenges in looking for the best toy suppliers and importing these items in their country. Whatever products you need, they can find the best suppliers that can match your expectations at the most reasonable price that fits on your budget.

EJET Sourcing services include Supplier Management, New Product Development, Product Branding, and On-Ground Sourcing.

2. Tony Sourcing


They supply all kinds of toys and gifts for global buyers. The main headquarter is located in Yiwu, Zhejiang. With over 5,000 top toy manufacturers, top 10 wholesalers, and distributors.

Tony Sourcing provides toy market and even factory visit guide service. It includes order follow-up to shipment. For retail and wholesale business owners, the company can provide a toy supply service. If you are in Amazon or an online business, they can provide sourcing services to get the right manufacturer and offer the best price.

3. Leeline Sourcing


The company can help you find and buy toys from China in 2020 and have a long list of the best toy suppliers in China. You can visit the manufacturer’s factory to check your toy items, or leeline Sourcing can audit the factory on your behalf. They also handle the processing from manufacturing to the
shipping of your items.

4. JingSourcing


The company can provide you find the toy manufacturer, get competitive prices among suppliers, follow-up the production, and deliver the toy items to your shipping address. Their agents can provide you with a step-by-step process of how you can get the best deal for your business.

Jing Sourcing has four types of service plans which include Free, Basic, Pro, and Extra. The pro service includes all Basic services, while the Extra services will be quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Chapter 6: Top Wholesale Markets to Buy Toys from China

China is the biggest manufacturer of toys and provides the best wholesale market for good quality of toys at the lowest price. More than 90% of any toys you can imagine can be found in China. The most challenging part is where to find the best of the best.

If you want to buy toys from China in a wholesale package, here are the well-known toys wholesale markets:

1. Shantou China Toys Market

If you are looking for the largest plastic toys in the market, with over 8,000 plastic toy suppliers, Shantou Cheghai is the best place for your business.

You may find the price a little bit higher because of the best quality materials used for toy items. When it comes to the minimum order quantity, it starts from 3-5 CTN.

Most of the buyers here are not using a trader and directly making orders from the factory. The toy prices are not ever-changing due to the extra charge in the trader’s fee.


Here is the list of the toy exhibition halls in Shantou China Toys Market.


2. Yiwu Toys Market

When you look at the largest wholesale market in China, Yiwu is the place for any buyers looking to purchase large commodities at a cheaper cost.

With over 2,000 toy supplies is in Building 1, you can see various regular toys (1000 suppliers), inflating toys (200 suppliers), electronic toys (200 suppliers), and plush toys (400 suppliers).

To be specific, here is the list of toys you can find in Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market:

Building brick toys Baby toys Candy toys Capsule toys
Car toys Dinosaur toys Educational toys Farm toys
Kitchen toys Manga toys RC toys Science toys
STEM toys Toys box TPR toys Confectionary toys

It usually needs a total of 5-10 CTN from the same toy suppliers for free delivery. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for one item is 1 CTN. For wholesale price, 1 CTM per item applies.

You can also look for the latest toy trends here, which are hot sales in the market. Yiwu market always updates their toys with new designs that arrived from the toy manufacturers.


3. Yangjiang Wutinglong international Toys & Gift City

If your business is into stuffed toys, the Yangjiang toys and gift market is for you. It has over 2,500 shops selling plush gifts, plush materials, and plush toys.

The minimum quantity order is nil. You can purchase one piece of plush toys but expect a retail cost difference from wholesale.

4. Lingyi Yongxing Market

If you go to the Northern part of China, Lingyo Yongxing China Toys Market dominated the toy supplies. The market is so huge that you can get more suppliers here at a lower price.

With over 4,000 suppliers which you can find somewhere from A (inflatable, children’s bicycles, electronic toys), B (plastic toys), and C (plush and stuffed toys) toy sections.

5. Yunhe Wooden Toys Market

If you look for biodegradable toys for your collection or business, Yunhe in Zheijang province is the right place for you. Unlike other toys market, the city consists of factories and showrooms ou can explore for wooden toys.

6. Baigou Plush Toys Market

Another wholesale market for plush toys is located in Bangor. You can find the lower prices here but do not expect the same higher quality than toy items in Yangjiang Wutinglong International market.

With over 380 plush toy suppliers, you can find the best deal here for retail and wholesale prices.

7. Guangzhou Toys Wholesale Market

Surrounded by four toy wholesale markets (International Yide Stationery and Toys Plaza,  Wanling Plaza Guangzhou, Zhonggang Boutique Toys Wholesale Market, Liwan Toys Wholesale Market).

International Yide Stationery and Toys Plaza is a German toy shop located in Tiancheng Road, Hoi Chu Road Interchange, German Road. With over 1,200 toy shops with the premium quality of toys.

Check more Guangzhou wholesale markets

8. Zhengzhou Toys Market

You can find it in the Henan province. It has 80 toy suppliers across the train station’s plazas. The price range of toys is lower but does not expect a higher quality of toys than other markets with higher MOQ.


Wanling Plaza Guangzhou is in Jiefang Nan Road of Yuexiu District, with a big area for toy wholesale and home accessories.

Zhonggang Boutique is in Yide Xi Road, with several stationeries and toy manufacturers.

Liwan Toys Wholesale Market is located in Zhongshanba Road with more than  80 toy wholesale toy suppliers.

Chapter 7: Guidelines to Find Best Toys Suppliers in China

If you want to get the best toy suppliers in China, here are the things you need to keep in mind.

1. How to Identify Wholesaler Suppliers

Many professional toy buyers across the world visit exhibition every year to buy toys from China. Chinese online platforms are also available if you cannot attend a trade fair. You can find the details of the best suppliers online and contact them to ask for information.

Buying from your own can take more effort than getting a sourcing agent to help you buy to shipping. Souring companies have professionals to identify exactly what you need for your toy business and get the price at a lower cost.


You can also use Linkedin to search for Chinese toy wholesalers and manufacturers. Or, search on Google and use powerful keywords such as:

  • “Toy”+ manufacturer + China
  • “Toy”+ wholesale + manufacturer + China
  • “Toy”+ factory + China
  • “Toy”+ factory + wholesale + China

2. What is your Business Capacity

The first thing you need to consider is your business capacity. It is highly recommended for small businesses to look for medium-sized toy suppliers with a low minimum order quantity or MOQ. The big toy manufacturer requires a higher minimum order quantity for big businesses.

3. Toy Suppliers Providing Test Reports

Other countries such as the USA, Australia, EU, and others would require test reports or certificates when buying toys from China. Choose a toy manufacturer which can provide complete certification like SST test report, SGS test reports, etc.

4. Toy Suppliers with Formal Manufacturing System

Choose toy manufacturers compliant with ISO 9001:2008. These companies passed the certification, which can assure you that the toy products are safe to use. Others can also provide Sedex and BSCI certification.

Chapter 8: How to Arrange Trip to Yiwu and Shantou Toys Market in China?


Yiwu and Shantou are the best places for toys importer. Agent Company can get your product sourcing information, but seeing the toys for yourself is most recommended. Before visiting these wholesale markets, you can research the best suppliers and send them an email for your questions.

Here are the most important factors you need to know when arranging a trip to Yiwu and Shantou toys market:

1. Travel by Plane

If you plan to visit Yiwu and Shantou toys market in China, you can travel by plane. Look for airlines flying to Yiwu or Shantou. View the route information for airlines and compare the prices. Be smart to choose a low-cost fare from a reliable and safe airline.


2. Take the Fast Train

China has the world’s fastest commercial train service in Shanghai going to Yiwu. Also, in Yiwu and Shantou railway station, you can take the fast bullet train if you have limited days to look for the best suppliers in town.

3. Hotels in Yiwu and Shantou

You can search the net for the best hotel accommodation in Yiwu and Shantou. Choose the right hotel with good promotions and deals out there. You need to ask yourself what is important for you. Is it the promo, great location, price, or amenities of the hotel?

Here is the list of hotels you can check for accommodation:

4. Top 10 Hotels in Yiwu


5. Top 10 Hotels in Shantou


6. Arrange a Local Guide for Markets

You can arrange for a local guide going to Yiwu and Shantou Market. You don’t want to get lost in the biggest wholesale marketplace in China. Thousands of suppliers in the toy section, and agents or local guide can help you confirm from the product list.

Also, you can meet your prospective suppliers and negotiate the price. Your agent can convince your suppliers to provide the bottom price for you. They have skills and professionals in negotiation.

Either you would like to visit the marketplace or direct manufacturer, the local guide or agents can give you the best assistance in your business deal.

7. Overcoming Language Barriers

Your local guide or agent can be your interpreter. But most importantly, it is recommended that you learn the language basics. To break cultural and trust barriers, learn the basic conversation, and greetings in Chinese.

Download a good mobile app that will guide you to detect the voice and written instant conversation and translation. Having an assistant local guide can avoid misunderstanding in your business transactions.

Chapter 9: FAQ About Importing Toys from China


1. What are the compliance and safety guidelines in importing toys from China?

If you live in a country with strict requirements for China exports, here are some of the challenges you may encounter from importing Chinese toys.

-Compliance and Safety

The first thing you need to do when you purchase toy products is to test the quality. You can save money if you buy wholesale for test costs than buying in retail. Ask the suppliers to give you a copy of the quality tests.

-Commodity Inspection by China Custom

The commodity inspection can cost you around $200-$300 for one container if you import toys from China.

-Design Infringement

This is another issue in customs. You have to ask the supplier for authorization for designs. Like for example, you buy cartoon characters in print shapes with stickers and without stickers. With this, you need to ask the suppliers if they have authorization for the design with stickers.

2. How to get a quotation list from toy suppliers?

As buyers, you need to check the toys price guide before purchasing toys in bulk order. If you would ask for a quotation list from your prospective toy suppliers, here are the toys quotation list:

-Unit Price – it includes the EXW (Ex Works) price of delivery to a local warehouse.

-QTY/Carton- each carton has a quantity unit depends on the size and good value

-Carton Measure – it is used for calculating the total size of goods

-MOQ Carton – the purchases need to meet the minimum order quantity so that the factory can produce the toy items and deliver them

-N.W (net weight) and G.W (gross weight) – net weight is the weight of the toy items inside and the gross weight is the complete weight of the items including the box. The 20ft container is equal to 28cbm, the 40ft container is 58cbm, and the 40HQ container is 68cbm.

3. What are the toys importing processes involved from purchasing to shipping?

If you would like to purchase a bulk order of toys from China, there are importing processes involved from buying to shipping. Here are the steps to follow:


-Research the right supplier of toys for your business.

-Source the toy items either through online platforms, wholesale market or through source agents.

-Check the sample toy products.

-Approve the sample toy products and issue a deposit check.

-Hire a sourcing agent or third party to check the quality of the toy products.

-Communicate with the shipping forwarder for shipping options and tariffs.

-Pay the down payment to the suppliers and arrange the shipping.

-Check all the necessary shipping documents.

4. What are the mistakes to avoid when importing toys from China?

You have to understand that importing is complicated and challenging as it requires different regulations for safety and compliance. Therefore, you have to avoid these mistakes when importing toys from China.

-Without basic research about the Chinese way of doing business.

It applies to any business venture worldwide. If you want to have a long-term business relationship with Chinese businessmen, go beyond the introductory phrases. Research the Chinese business culture and how to negotiate properly and conform to their business ethics.

-Without checking the rules and regulations in importing toys in China.

You don’t need to be an expert in trading rules. But, you need to take precautions. Check the import laws of your country and check if your suppliers can meet the certification and documentation required. It would help you save time, effort, and money.


-Choosing the wrong Incoterm

The Incotmers would set conditions to abide between importer and exporter. This is to avoid any misinterpretations on the overall costs, responsibilities, risk, and management. Choose an Incoterm which can provide you with better control over the cost and import process.

-Dealing with unreliable suppliers

You are responsible for your business, and you are liable to the items you are importing. Before finalizing your agreement with your supplier, ensure that you conduct proper research and check the production process. That is why having a professional agent is recommended to act as a third party to understand production to the importation process.

5. Without proper business planning

This is your business we are talking about. Poor planning can give you a tremendous headache in importing toys from China. Take time to check all the important factors that may hinder your toy business. Organize your import at least 3-4 months in advance. This gives you more time to research, source, look for agents, bid with potential suppliers, etc.


We hope you get something from this article on how to buy toys from China wholesale market. Before you import from China, you need to research more on toy markets. There are several factors on how you can source the toys from China at the most competitive price. The help of the best sourcing agent can give you a worry-free shopping experience.

Most importantly, you need to be responsible for the safety aspect of your toy business. Get the most detailed review of each product you would cater to. Having the best insight for your business would help you become an expert in your chosen venture.