Are you looking to buy from Taobao? Do you know that there is a Chinese counterpart of the famous online shops like eBay and Amazon?

You can get any items you ever imagine at a very affordable price. Even the latest Chinese fashion trend you see on Instagram. But there is one thing that you find challenging in Taobao.

Taobao is a famous mega online shopping website in China. But many online shoppers who want to buy their products are having some issues with the Chinese written text on their page. Although you may use an agent for direct shopping, you can save 10% from the agent’s fee if you do it yourself. Fret not on the language barrier because we’ve got your back!

In this article, we will talk about:

  • How to register in Taobao
  • How to order and checkout process
  • How to pay and the shipment process
  • Frequently asked questions

Table of Content

1) What You Need to Know Before You Buy from Taobao

2) How to Register Your Account

3) How to Add Your Shipping Address 

4) How to Process Orders When You Buy From Taobao

5) How to Check Out Products While Buying From Taobao

6) Buying From Taobao Process Payment

7) How to Ship Items When You Buy From Taobao  

8) Frequently Asked Questions About Taobao Website

1) What You Need to Know Before You Buy From Taobao

You can directly purchase from Taobao and ship from your address if you are located in these countries:

  • Australia
  • US
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Macau
  • Taiwan
  • Malaysia

You can still purchase items from Taobao with a shopping or shipping agent to help you purchase the shipping process.

In terms of the language barrier, you can download Google translate on your page to easily identify the menus, categories, and the main buttons in Taobao. After choosing the Taobao page category, right-click anywhere on the page and select “translate to English.” Or, click on the icon of Google Translate in your Google Chrome address bar.


You can also download the Taobao dictionary guide and easily look for the most common products. Just search for the correct word on the file. Then, copy the desired word in Chinese characters. Lastly, paste it on the search bar.

Here is the link to download the Taobao dictionary guide

2) How to Register Your Account

Step 1: Go to Taobao Page

The starting point is to register your account. When you type Taobao in your Google Chrome search engine, you will be redirected to this page.


Step 2: Register

As expected, you would see Chinese characters but don’t get overwhelmed. Look at the right bar of the page. You would see (免费注册) REGISTER character.


Step 3: Registration Agreement Consent

You will see a pop-up in the middle of the page. Click that field. This is the “Registration Agreement Consent.” Please note that it comes with Privacy Policy, Legal Notices, and Service Agreement. Also, it includes all the Terms and Conditions and Payment Agreement.


Step 4: Create an Alipay Account

Next, you have to click on “English” so that you can create your account.

Enter your valid mobile phone number with no hyphens and no spaces. Pull the verification bar from left to right. Then, click the check box that says “Create your Alipay Account.”

Step 5: Wait for Verification Code

You will receive a verification code on your local mobile number. Enter the 6 digit code or One-time password (OTP). Enter the correct code and proceed with the next step.


Step 6: Create a Username and Password


Set up your username and password. Once you are successfully registered, you can log-in to your Taobao account and begin your shopping journey.

There are three ways on how you can register your account using your PC, mobile phone (淘宝lite), or chat software like Aliwangwang (阿里旺旺). The PC provides the English version when you sign up.

3) How to Add Your Shipping Address

Step 1: Go to My Shipping Address

On your Account Management Admin page at the left sidebar, click the link after the username, “My shipping address” (我的收货地址).

Step 2: Input Address Information

Click the dropdown menu and select your which includes country, city, district, etc. Make sure that you would enter the correct details on the address and mobile number fields. The courier service will send you a notification once your parcel is ready to deliver.

4) How to Process Orders When You Buy From Taobao

Step 1: Enter the Product Keywords

Here’s the most exciting part of your shopping journey in Taobao. Just enter the product keywords in the search bar at the top of the home page.

To give you an easy time to browse the items if you are unaware of what to enter on the search box, here are the lists of common product keywords that you may use.


Exercise Equipment and Activewear

Ankle Guard运动护踝
Yoga Pants瑜伽裤
Dry Fit T-Shirt速干运动T恤
Dry Fit Long Sleeved Tops速干长袖衣
Dry Fit Socks袜子
Dry Fit Sleeveless Tops速干背心
Sports Hooded Jacket运动连帽衫
Sports Shoes运动鞋
Sports Bra运动胸罩
Sports Jacket运动外套
Yoga Mat 瑜伽垫

Women’s Fashion 

Round Neck圆领
Off Shoulder一字领露肩
White Sneakers小白鞋
(Low/ Medium/ High) Heeled Shoes(低/ 中/ 高)跟鞋

Men’s Fashion ( add this your search, it means male) 男

Casual Shirt休闲衣
Dress Shirt衬衫
Polo ShirtPOLO衫
Suit/ Formal Pants西裤
Suit/ Formal Jacket西装外套
Leather Shoes皮鞋
Long Pants长裤

Home and Decor

Bedroom Dresser卧室梳妆台
Bedside Table床头柜
Coffee Table茶几
Dining Table餐桌
Dining Chair餐椅
Double Bed双人床
Sofa Chair沙发椅
Home Deco家居用品
Modern Classic现代经典
Modern Minimalist现代简约
Nordic Minimalist北欧简约
Solid Wood实木

Party Supplies

Happy Birthday Decorations生日快乐装饰
Party Table Cloth派对桌布
Disposable Cutleries一次性餐具
Dessert Display甜品展示架
Party Decorations派对装饰
Paper Pom Poms牡丹纸花球
Paper Tassels纸流苏
Paper Fans纸扇花

Step 2: Filter the Products

Like any online shopping website, you can filter the products according to price range, size, type, brand, etc.


-Use the Image Search Function

Search Products through uploading images is another option in searching for items. You can see a camera logo on the search box. You can upload the items you want to search, and then you can see similar options.

-Use the Filter for Best Items 

When you buy from taobao, you will get millions of results. So it is important to sort by sales volume (“销量”), credibility (“信用”), and price (“价格”).

You can sort by “Sales volume” if you want to get the best options in terms of price, quality, and popularity of the items. Also, you can see the highest number of product reviews, responsive sellers, positive reviews, and product images uploaded by buyers.

Step 3: Check Product Information


You will be redirected to the product page once you select your items. Check the product information. You can see the ratings and comments of customers. Read also the reviews for defective items.

Step 4: Add to Cart

You can also add to your cart if you want to buy more items in the shop.

5) How to Check Out Products While Buying From Taobao

Step 1: Checkout

Click the Buy now ( “立即购买”) if you are ready to check out. Then, pay your orders. You may also click the Shopping cart (“购物车”) on the home page.


Step 2: Payment

Choose the products you want to buy.  Then, click on Payment (“结算”).


Step 3: Shipping Information

You will need to input your name, shipping address, and mobile phone number.

Step 4: Default Shipping Address

Click on Make Default ( 设置为默认收货地址) if you want the address you type in to be your default shipping address.


Step 5: Completion of Form

Click on Save (保存) and fill out the form. Enter the correct information.

Step 6: Confirmation

Select the Shipping Method (跨境配送方式), and then click on Confirm order (提交订单).

6) Buying From Taobao Process Payment

Step 1: Alipay Account

After the confirmation of your purchases, you will be prompted to the page of Alipay. For the first-time user, you will create a payment password. Make a strong password combination.

When you are done, click Confirm (确定).


Step 2: Credit Card Details

Click Continue (下一步) after you enter your complete credit card details.

To lessen the currency conversion rate, use a multi-currency card. It is like a debit card account where you can put money before you spend it. You have the option to exchange foreign currency. It has an interbank exchange rate and spends in multiple currencies.

Step 3: Verification

After payment verification, you can wait for the turnaround time of parcel shipping.

Make sure that you check all the information you input into the system.

7) How to Ship Items When You Buy From Taobao

Taobao Global Consolidation and Shipping, also called Taobao CSCL, Taobao Cargo is the official forwarding service for international online shoppers.

Step 1: First Payment

Submit your orders with the option “Make the first payment” for order value, including the domestic fees from the seller to the Chinese warehouse.

Step 2: Order Shipment

Using your unique ID on the order page, the seller will send your parcel to the forwarder warehouse address.

Step 3: Parcel in Warehouse

Once the warehouse receives your parcel, they will update you on the weight and shipping fee. Check your account for the update.


Step 4: Second Payment

Make the second payment for the International shipping fee from the forwarder’s warehouse. They will consolidate your orders and ship them to your shipping address.

Here are the four delivery options in Taobao:

a-Contact Seller Personally to Arrange for Shipping (自行联系卖家发货)

It may depend on your arrangement with the seller for the shipping preference. It is recommended for personalized or sensitive items and if you will communicate with the seller.

b-Direct Shipping (官方直送)

Taobao Global Direct Shipping is only available to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan buyers. For Singapore and Malaysia, you have to select “Taobao Direct Shipping” and make a payment once you check out all your orders in your shopping cart.

Then, wait for your parcel to be directly delivered without the consolidation process in the forwarder warehouse.

For others, the seller will deliver your parcels using an international freight forwarder. This is recommended for a lightweight package, or you need the items immediately to deliver. Delivery time can take from 8-12 days.

c-Taobao Consolidated Shipping Via Sea Freight (官方集运-海运)

The seller needs to consolidate your purchases and deliver them via sea freight. It is ideal for heavyweight parcels. It takes more time for delivery from up to 8 days.

d-Taobao Consolidated Shipping Via Air Freight (官方集运-空运)

The seller needs to consolidate your items and deliver them via air freight. It is ideal for multiple purchases and you need the items on an earlier date. It takes more time for delivery from up to 7 days.

8) Frequently Asked Questions About Taobao Website

a-How can I track my order?

You can track your Taobao order through your waybill number or tracking number. You can get your tracking number after you pay your orders and ready for shipment. Here are the steps to track your items:

  1. Log in to your Taobao account.
  2. Go to “My Taobao” page (我的淘宝) and “My Products” (已买到的宝贝).
  3. On a menu sidebar “All functions” (全部功能), look for “My products” (已买到的宝贝) and you can find “Official consolidation” (方集运).
  4. Choose 官方集运, and enter your consolidated items page.
  5. Choose the tab “Overseas logistic order” (海外物流订单).
  6. The page will show all your purchases. Then, choose the tracking information under “View logistics” (查看物流).
  7. If you will notice, the shipping is not updated. Look for the waybill number 运单号码.
  8. Enter your waybill number on the same page.

Take note that Canadian and US buyers with JCEX, will receive the updates on tracking their parcels.


b-How long will it take for Taobao to ship the items?

Please note that from collection to dispatch of the items, it may take from 3-7 days. You can see the seller’s turnaround time for processing of orders when you purchase on their page.

Once your parcel reaches the carrier, a tracking number will be provided.

Take note of the delay in export. It is when the parcel is out of China customs and may be delayed from 30-60 days. Then delivery by local courier service has its own turnaround time.

Check the delivery time of the following freight forwarder:

CountryFreight ForwarderDelivery ( business days)
AustraliaJCEX5 days
ZTO Express6 days
4PX7 days
Japan4PX5 days
CanadaUPS5-7 days
EMS/DHL9 days
MalaysiaWest Malaysia5 days
East Malaysia7 days
Singapore4PX Express/DPEX/DEX-I5 days
New Zealand4PX Express/ZTO Express7 days
JCEX USPS7-9 days
Zhongshan EMS/DHL9 days

There are factors involve in every freight forwarder in terms of delivery time, such as the following:

  • Number of days for the sellers to ship the parcel to the warehouse
  • Waiting time for the consolidation of orders
  • Processing time of freight forwarder

c-Is there a refund policy?

You could ask for a refund directly to Taobao if you received defective items. You need to state your valid reasons and take a photo of the defective item for reference.

When you submit the request, the seller will reply within forty-eight hours. If they do not accept your refund request, you may submit your request directly to sellers via Aliwangwang.

If they failed to respond to your request, Taobao may refund the purchase amount. However, it is still subject to approval. Some sellers have an unconditional 7-day return policy. Other sellers may have conditions that delivery fee will not be returned in their policy.

d-How can I contact the sellers?

You can contact the seller if you have any inquiries about your purchases. Aliwangwang, Taobao’s instant messaging system, would allow you to link up with your seller. Download the app and use the messaging tool to communicate with the sellers. Here are the common questions that buyers ask the sellers.

  • What is the quality of the products, including the packaging
  • What is the price of the products for small and big orders?
  • What are the size and dimensions of the items?
  • How long does it take for the items to arrive?

e-What are prohibited items for international shipping?

China exports carrier restrictions and regulations. Many items are prohibited for internal shipping. Before you buy from Taobao, make sure to check the prohibited items list.

Here are the simplified lists of items:

  • Electronic devices (vacuum cleaner, humidifier, rice cooker, electric toy, electric appliances, etc.)
  • Knife and gun (a toy gun, water bb gun, survival knife)
  • Magnetic items (audio equipment, motors, coils, compasses, magnets, speaker, etc.)
  • Items with built-in batteries (mobile phones, power bank, lithium battery, etc.)
  • Food (tea, instant noodles, bamboo products, etc.)
  • All drugs
  • Powdered, paste, or liquid form items (cosmetics, perfume, nail polish, pens, pencils, alcohol, thermometer, ink, etc.)
  • Items exceeding the weight restrictions (check for the restriction of forwarder)
  • Biochemical products (anthrax, tear gas, white crystals, arsenic, pesticides, cyanide, dioxins, DDT, chlordane, etc.)
  • Psychotropic Drug control catalog of the varieties (poppy capsules, morphine, marijuana, methamphetamine, etc.)
  • Plants, animals, natural resources, other specimens (natural sands, seaweed, fur, mahogany seeds, etc.)
  • Gas (gas cartridges, life-saving devices, gas lighters, light bulbs, etc.)
  • Explosive materials (firecrackers, fireworks, firearms, gas cylinders. etc.)
  • Flammable liquids (ink, paint, thinner, glue, Styrofoam plastic, etc.)
  • Flammable solids (paraffin, activated carbon, coal, copra, castor, rubber debris, solid

Rubber, etc.)


  • Perishable products (food, sugar, wine, eggs, honey, etc.)
  • Precious metals (gold, silver, precious stones, platinum, pearls, ivory, jewellery, etc.)
  • Cigarette/Tobacco
  • CD
  • Fake, replica, and counterfeit items

Aside from the listed above, some official freight forwarders avoid shipping these items.

  • Glass/tempered (glass, glass bowl, tempered film, fish tank, fishing rod, laminated film, porcelain, glass spice bottle, glass pot lid, large vase, ink bottle (inc.)
  • Charged Items (electrical appliances, heater, fumigant, beauty apparatus, inverter, laptop, blood sugar tester, transformer, printer, thermal paste, mosquito catcher, smoke machine, small motor, etc.)
  • Electronic products (lithium battery, body fat scale, USB charger, data cable, plug converter, wireless network card, electronic cigarette, electronic dictionary)
  • Animals/Plants
  • Controlled knives
  • CD-ROMs
  • Makeup/Skincare products
  • Furniture
  • Household Products
  • Jewelry
  • Books and stationery
  • Toys
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Flammable liquids

f-How safe to buy from Taobao?

It is safe to buy from Taobao but beware of counterfeit and fake products. To make sure you avoid counterfeiters, purchase from sellers with good reviews from customers. Also, the reviewers should have uploaded images of products they actually received.

You can also contact the seller via AliWangWang and check for more pictures or product availability. Of course, don’t be hooked on items that are too good to be true.

You may also want to consider buying shipping insurance for your safety. On the checkout page, you will see “Shipping fee insurance” (运费险). This will help you if you return the products to sellers. The fee depends on the item price. If you return the products, Taobao will reimburse a certain amount. The amount can cover return shipping.

g-How do I use an agent?

You can have top 5 Taobao agents if you can’t directly shop or ship your items in your country. Others hire an agent to make it easier for them to buy and ship the items without facing any language barrier. They provide English websites and English customer service support. You can preview the items you order before shipment.


Basetao’s service fee is only 5%. It is calculated on the item purchase price added to the domestic shipping fee. You will be charged when you submit your items for shipment and not when you purchase your orders.

For shipping, you can buy from taobao and send them to Basetao address. When your items arrive, they will weigh and off QC pictures of your parcels. You can submit “to ship” to your chosen address.

You can also hire them to find an item for you. If they search for the specific item you want, they will provide you with the product link and use the search bar to make the order. If the items are from the offline seller, they will guide you on making the order.

There are various payment methods you can choose from the following:

  • Paypal for V1 members only
  • Credit card
  • iDeal
  • POLi
  • Giropay
  • Western Union


The service charge is from 3%-6% for buying and shipping. The process is simple to follow. Choose products from Taobao and just copy the link of your chosen items. Paste the link to their search box. Then after selecting your articles, submit your order and fill in the product information.

Choose from the following methods to pay for the items:

  • Paypal
  • Credit cards
  • WeChat
  • Alipay
  • Chinese Debit Cards
  • Bank Tele Transfer

After the payment, CssBuy will contact the seller and order your items. Your parcel is stored in the warehouse for quality inspection, and photos will be sent to you for reference. Then it is ready for delivery. You have to fill in delivery details and choose the recommended type of delivery.

After payment, they will consolidate and pack your items and send them out for delivery.


Superbuy does not charge a service fee and offers competitive shipping fees. Accepts Paypal mode of payment via Paypal, Credit card, and Giropay.

Go to the site and find a product you want to buy from Taobao. Copy the product’s URL and paste it into the search bar. Add the item to the cart and check out. You can check the inspection photos once the item arrives. Then, choose the delivery method and process the payment for international shipping.


There is no service fee deducted when you order in Ytaopal. The steps from ordering to shipment are almost the same with other agents.

Add your item’s URL and pay the cost of the item. Once they receive the items, you will receive the QC pics. If you like the quality, you can pay the international shipping fee and confirm the receipt.

You can use your credit/debit card, bitcoin, iDEAL, Paypal for payment options.

Taobao trends

Taobaotrends charges a 6% service fee without hidden charges. They will help you buy from Taobao and will inspect the items from the sellers. You will receive the QC pics for your approval. Then you can process the international payment and accept the confirmation of receipt.

They also provide multiple payment methods like Paypal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, and Western Union.

h-How can I get promo codes?


You can get the best Taobao promo codes by following these simple steps below:

  1. Log in to Shopback
  2. Go to Shopback’s merchant page
  3. Search if there is a Cashback on your desired items
  4. Download Google Translate extension to see the page in your desired language
  5. Download the Shopback button. Install it on your Chrome browser to notify you

for items with Cashback

  1. Choose your desired items
  2. Place your orders in your cart
  3. Check out your items
  4. Input your shipping information
  5. Pay your items and get confirmation

Know when to shop in Taobao. Prices are very low when you know how to utilize the Shopback. Not all items and sellers are eligible for Cashback. Shop online at the best prices and get the best deals and promo codes available.

Check the minimum order value to redeem your coupons. Claim all coupons when you add items to your cart and before hitting the checkout. It would give you a good discount.

You can also wait for big campaigns and get more cashback like Member’s Day, Mid-Autumn Festival Sales, etc.


You can get the best bang for your buck if you know how to buy from Taobao like a pro. This online marketplace is huge. You can buy everything you want from here if you know how to find the right products for your personal purchase or your business.

Know how to research and compare prices from different sellers online. As mentioned in this article, you have to filter the items based on the highest quality, best reviews, and other important factors.

You cannot go wrong in Taobao if you follow all the steps and tips we simplified. You can get the best bargains all year round and maximize your savings. It is incredible in terms of the most affordable prices you can check online. You will surely enjoy your shopping journey on this amazing online shop.