Are you looking for China cosmetics wholesale market but do not know the right approach?

Are you searching for a step-by-step guide on how to import from China’s cosmetics wholesale market?

If yes, then this blog will help you. The cosmetic industry is growing rapidly, due to which many new sellers want to jump into the cosmetic business to make money.

New, as well as old businesses usually prefer buying wholesale from China. The China cosmetics wholesale market is famous worldwide because of its better quality and affordability. That is why many sellers prefer it.

But ordering products in bulk is usually challenging for importers with no prior experience. However, this blog post will help those importers make the right decision to import wholesale cosmetics from China.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Benefits of importing  from China Cosmetics wholesale Market

Chapter 2: How to import from China cosmetics wholesale market?

Chapter 3: Best China Cosmetics Wholesale Market

Chapter 4: Tips for Finding the Right Supplier to Import Cosmetics from China

 Chapter 5: Costs for Importing from China Cosmetics wholesale Market

Chapter 6: Precautions for Importing from China Cosmetics Wholesale Market

Chapter 7: Frequently Asked Questions about China Cosmetics Wholesale market

Chapter 1: Benefits of importing from China cosmetics wholesale market

When it comes to importing wholesales items, China is among the top countries that might appear in your mind. Following are some of the advantages that you will get on importing wholesale cosmetics from China.

-Price: The first thing is the price. Most people usually prefer Chinese markets because of the low price. As compared to the rest of the world, Chinese products are much lower in cost.

-Quality: Though the Chinese market products have a low price, they are still high-quality compared to other countries at the same price point. Most Chinese manufacturers do not compromise on the quality of the product. High-quality products at a lower price will help you attract more customers and generate more income.

-Uniqueness: There are many unique and rare products in China that you may not locate in any other country. Therefore, if you want to buy rare wholesale products, then you must prefer the Chinese market. The unique goods will help you attract more goods.

 Chapter 2: How to import from China cosmetics wholesale market?

Importing from China’s Cosmetics Wholesale Market is not as difficult as many people think. You only need to know the right steps and guidance for importing. In this section, you will learn the methods to import cosmetics from the top markets in China.

how-to- import-from-china-cosmetics-wholesale-market

1. Identify your import rights when buying from China cosmetics wholesale market

Before sourcing from China, first, you should know your import rights. Understanding your import rights will prevent you from many difficulties that people usually face while shipping goods from foreign sources to their country.

If you are buying from China as an individual to the U.S, the SSN will be enough, while the business will need to have an IRS EIN for shipping items to the U.S. On the other hand, the European people will need to have an EORI number.

2. Identify the products you want to import from China cosmetics wholesale market

The next step is to choose the right product to import. Selecting the wrong product will result in losing your energy, money, and time. You can also prefer some trendy and unique products which most people usually like.

Selecting the product will decide the fortune of your new business. Only prefer such products that you can proudly represent under your name. You can ask the manufacturer to show you a few samples before importing the products in large quantities.

We would suggest you choose the products that have a greater demand and are unique. If your product is unique, you can sell it at a high price quite easily.

3. Check the products you want to import are permitted into your country or not

Different countries have distinct rules regarding the import of products. Some countries do not allow certain products to be imported. Ensure that the authorities have not prohibited the product you are going to import to your country.

Importers need to be careful with the rules and regulations to safely get their products. For example, you cannot import various food items and tobacco-related products to the U.S without the authority’s permission

4. Find the right supplier

The supplier will help you with shipping your products. If you want your products to reach safely to you, then choose the right supplier. Do not rush while finding the supplier.

You can use multiple online sources to pick the right supplier for your products. Besides, you should set some terms with your supplier before placing the order.

Ensure to set return policy, payment terms and conditions, and quality assurance processes, which will save you from various issues that you may face while dealing with the supplier in the future.

5. Communicate with the supplier

Communication is essential to make your dealing successful with the supplier. Try to communicate with multiple suppliers and ask about the lead time, pricing, terms, and conditions from all of them.

Choose the one which offers you the best price and high-quality product. Negotiate with multiple suppliers if you want to minimize the cost of goods. Also, ask the price for FOB, DDP, and other shipping services from each supplier.

6. Place your order

After choosing the right supplier, now you need to place your order. You may need to tell the dimensions and weight of your inventory. Depending on the weight and dimensions, the supplier will tell you the shipping cost.

7. Arrange your cargo transport

If you are using a FOB service, arrange cargo to transport your inventory from your country’s port to your warehouse. But if you do not want to go through any hassle while shipping, you can choose the DDP service.

In the DDP service, the supplier will take the products from the manufacturer’s warehouse and send them to your destination. The whole responsibility is on the supplier when you choose the DDP service.

Also, keep in mind that the cost of DDP is high as compared to other shipping options. Besides, you can either choose air freight or ocean freight as per your wish.

8. Receive your shipment

The last step is to receive your shipment to your desired location. If you want your shipment to reach you quickly, choose the air freight, but its price is also high. Though the ocean freight is slow, its cost is low.

Chapter 3: Best China cosmetics wholesale market

China has various wholesale markets that are popular worldwide. In this section, you will learn about some of those markets.


1. Beauty exchange center – Guangzhou

The Beauty Exchange Center is the first well-known cosmetics wholesale market. It is present in a nearby location to the Guangzhou Railway Station markets.

The Huihuahang handbag market is also located near the Beauty Enhance Center. This market has a wide variety of beauty and wellness products.


2. Xingfa Plaza – Guangzhou

For personal care and makeup products, most people usually prefer Xingfa Plaza. The Xingfa Plaza is also in Guangzhou city right away from the Guangzhou wholesale markets, which is in the city center. There are around 1400+ shops in the Xingfa Plaza, and you will find all the cosmetics stuff there.


3. Shenzhen Yiwu smallware wholesale mansion – Shenzhen

Shenzhen Yiwu Smallware Wholesale Mansion is ideal if you want to purchase hair dye, brushes, perfumes, eyeliners, and other skincare products.

In this market, you can find anything for daily use. Apart from cosmetics, this market also has some other product categories, including toys.

4. Eva international cosmetic purchasing center – Guangzhou

The Eva International Cosmetic Purchasing Center is also in Guangzhou city in the five-level building. You can find this Eva Center using the floor directory present at the entrance of the shopping building.

This shopping center has various cosmetics types, including lotions, wellness products, shampoos, lipsticks, creams, and a lot more.


5. Shunfa cosmetics and hair products market – Guangzhou

Whether you want to purchase hair products or cosmetics, you can also prefer the Shunfa Cosmetics and Hair Products Market that contains versatile product categories.

Though this market is smaller than some previously mentioned markets, you will get everything of daily use. It is also present in the neighborhood of Xingfa Plaza.


6. Yiwu Futian market – Cosmetics Section

The Yiwu Futian Market is in the Yiwu international trade city that contains many shops. You can get items like skincare, makeup, haircare, etc., in the Yiwu Futian Market.


7. Tai’an plaza cosmetic wholesale market – Guangzhou

Tai’an Plaza Cosmetic Wholesale Market is situated near the Eva cosmetic market. There are various types of cosmetics and hair equipment present in this market.
This market is in Guangzhou that will help you find your desired cosmetic items at affordable rates.

Chapter 4: Tips for finding the right supplier to import cosmetics from China

Following are some of the tips for finding the right supplier to import cosmetics from China. These tips will make it easier for you to locate the suppliers and manufacturers for your product.


1. Use online supplier directories

You can use online directories like Alibaba, AliExpress, etc., to find a supplier. There are a vast number of suppliers listed on these websites. Not only suppliers but also you can locate manufactures from these online directories as well.

2. Filter down reliable suppliers

Do not just go with the first supplier you communicated with. Also, communicate with multiple suppliers and know their quality and delivery time. If you are happy with the supplier, you can ask them to send you a product sample before you order it in bulk.

3. Contact each supplier face to face

If possible, you can meet with your supplier face to face and discuss with them. Face to face dealing with the supplier will enhance the chances of a successful deal. But if you live far away from the supplier, you can communicate on a video call.

4. Check reliability

Reliability is one of the factors that will help you make a long-term relationship with your supplier. If your supplier is reliable, it will make a lot of things easier for you. Communicating and dealing with the supplier will make you know more about them.

5. Check product quality

Without better product quality, it will become difficult for you to grow your new business. If your product is good, more and more consumers will get attracted to it.

Therefore, you should never compromise on the quality of the product for the betterment of your business. You can hire an inspection service to check the product quality.

6. Check affordability

Ordering products in bulk will help you save a lot of money. Communicate with multiple suppliers and ask them about the product. Choose the one which gives the best price but make sure not to compromise on the quality.

Some suppliers minimize product quality when decreasing the cost. Ask your supplier that you want the best quality product at reasonable rates.

 Chapter 5: Costs for importing from China cosmetics wholesale market

There are different expenses involved while importing cosmetics from China. These costs include:


1. Inventory cost

Inventory cost depends on the number of products you want to order. You can know about the inventory cost through your manufacturer. Make sure to set the inventory cost before the manufacturer starts the manufacturing process.

2. Warehouse fee

After producing your goods, the manufacturer will keep them in the warehouse. Most manufacturers do not charge any amount if you want to keep the inventory for a short period in the manufacturer’s warehouse.

However, for a longer period, you will have to pay the warehouse fee to the manufacturer. The inventory cost will also be applicable if you use a third-party warehouse to store your goods.

3. Inspection cost

Many businesses ignore the inspection of the product, which is not a good idea. The inspection will help you know the quality of your product.

Various inspection services are available that you can hire to get a comprehensive report about your inventory quality. On inspection, if you are not happy with your product quality, you can ask your manufacturer about it.

4. Transportation cost

The transportation cost is the price you have to pay to transport your inventory from the manufacturer’s warehouse to the final destination.

Your supplier will handle most of the transportation costs depending on the service you use. The transportation cost will depend on the amount of inventory, its weight as well as the dimension.

5. Port of entry fee

On reaching your country’s port, you will have to pay the entry fee depending on the importing product. The port of entry fee depends on the value of the inventory you have imported.

You will have to pay more for a high-cost product, while the port of entry fee is less for a low-priced product. Besides, the port of entry fee does not include freight or insurance charges.

6. Customs broker fee

The customs brokers will help you clear your imported shipment. They prepare the required documentation so that the authorities do not stop your inventory.

These customs brokers work as an agent between the government and the importer. Further, this cost depends on the quality and nature of the products.

7. Import duty

Import duty is the tax that importers need to pay on importing products from other countries. Each country has different rules in terms of import duty.

For example, if you are importing products valued at $800 or more, you will have to pay a certain tax on them. However, if your goods’ value is less than $800, you do not have to pay any import duty. This is in the case of US and can be different for other countries.

8. Agent fee

People who do not know about the importing process can also hire a sourcing agent. You can ask your agent to clear your inventory from the port and send it to the final destination.

Apart from this, you can also ask your supplier for a DDP service. In the DDP shipment service, the supplier will take full responsibility for your goods until it reaches the final destination.

Chapter 6: Precautions for importing from China cosmetics wholesale market

There are a few precautions that you should take before importing any goods from China. Keeping these precautions in mind will save your problems that you may face while shipping.


1. Check all your documents

Make sure that you have all the documents that you may need while importing to your country. Do not forget to get the commercial invoice, bill of lading, packing list, pro forma invoice, and other essential documents. You may need to show some of these documents to the authorities.

2. Confirm everything before finalizing

Double-check your goods, documents, and agreements before finalizing the deal. Before finalizing the terms and conditions with your manufacturer and supplier, you should check it twice and ensure that everything is correct.

3. Get to know about every term

There are many unique terms that you may listen to while importing. You should know about the FOB, FAS, DDP, AP, CIF, etc., terms to make your dealing easier with the supplier. Beginners usually get confused when they hear these terms for the first time.

4. Do not just go for low-cost products

A low-cost product sometimes also means a low-quality product. A low-quality product will surely harm your business. If you want to build a long-term relationship with your customers, then do not compromise on the product’s quality.

Do not hesitate to pay some extra amount for a high-end product. Keep on remembering the manufacturer about the quality of the product. You can also ask your manufacturer to send you a sample piece or show it on a video call.

Chapter 7: Frequently asked questions about China cosmetics wholesale market

This FAQ section includes common queries regarding importing from China’s cosmetics market wholesale.


1. Do I need a permit to import cosmetics from China?

It depends on the product you are importing. Most of the cosmetic products and ingredients do not require any FDA approval.

But if you are importing color additives, adulterated cosmetics products, you will need FDA approval. The authorities will return products that do not meet their requirements.

2. Is It safe to order cosmetics from China?

Yes, it is safe to order cosmetics from China. But make sure that the product quality is good and it causes no harm to the skin. If the product you are going to order fulfills the authorities’ requirements, you will face no issue.

3. Where is the biggest wholesale market in China?

Yiwu International Trade City is one of the biggest Yiwu wholesale markets. As per a report, the Yiwu International Trade City market sold US$11 billion of goods only in 2013. This market is located in Yiwu, Zhejiang, and is quite popular worldwide.

4. Is China’s cosmetics wholesale markets reliable?

Yes, China cosmetics wholesale market is reliable. Reliability is one reason people from all over the world trust China when it comes to importing goods.

Therefore, without worrying about reliability, you can import cosmetics from the wholesale market that comply with your country’s rules. Also, spend some time choosing the right manufacturer so that you get a reliable partner to work with.


As a beginner, you might struggle to import products from China. This guide will make you overcome the struggle and help you find the right approach to import from China‘s cosmetics wholesale market.

Learning about the market locations will make it a lot easier for you to visit them if you want. Further, many people make a lot of mistakes while importing for the first time.

Learning on how to avoid importing cosmetics mistakes via the tips and precautions mentioned in the article. Following those tips and precautions will accommodate you to find the right supplier for importing cosmetics from China.

Besides, you will need to take care of different charges while importing. Knowing about those fees will help you make the right decisions about your business.

Good luck in importing cosmetics products from China Wholesale Market.