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March 7

Located in the center of Zhejiang Province, Yiwu has convenient transportation to Shanghai, Hangzhou and the other cities of Zhejiang Province. Currently, it is possible for visitors to get there by its almost completed traffic network.

Apart from the city's airport which has opened several domestic lines, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport is frequently used by visitors from home and abroad. From there visitors can conveniently get to Yiwu by either train or bus. Located along the Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway, the city has also become a new and important transfer station with its developing commodity economy. Linking some other mid-sized cities of China, Yiwu has built a developed highway system. At present, there are three long-distance bus stations in the city, operating a number of long-distance buses to some other provinces and almost every city of Zhejiang Province. It is no wonder that the best way to travel around the city is by bus.


By Air

Yiwu Airport (YIW) is about 3 miles (5 kilometers) from the downtown area. It was put into use in 1991 and now is the only county-level airport in central Zhejiang Province. Domestic air routes operated here lead to some large cities in China, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xian, Kunming and Chengdu. Three international air routes are in operation and connect Hong Kong, Taipei and Daegu (South Korea). 

We offer free Airport Pick-up service from Yiwu airport to your hotel in Yiwu. Please feel free to contact us when you arrive.



Usually there are three flights per day from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Yiwu , and it costs 4 hours on the way ( because there’s no direct flight in between). Considering the short distance from Shanghai to Yiwu, we suggest you take the train. Or you can try our Airport Pick-up service. 120$/CAR, much safer and more convenient.



If you arrive in Hangzhou International Airport, we can offer pick-up service from the airport to Yiwu charging 60$/CAR.



There are 4-5 flights every day from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport to Yiwu. It only takes 2 hours for the ride for the direct flight. And if you take the indirect flight the price can be low to 90$. If your hotel is in Guangzhou, we also offer Pick-up service from Baiyun International Airport to your hotel. The service fee is 350RMB/CAR.



Flights from Shantou to Yiwu can be faster and cheaper offering more choices. You can even book cheap tickets at 55$. And the direct flight only takes 1.5 hours.


By Train

In June, 2006, Yiwu Railway Station came into service. It is located at the Changjiangban Village of Houzhai Street, 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) away from the city center. With quality facilities, the Railway Station plays an important role in the middle part of Zhejiang Province. At present, the trains that depart from Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Nanjing and some other large and medium-sized cities can get here directly everyday.


We offer free Pick-up service from Yiwu train station to your hotel in Yiwu. Please feel free to contact us when you arrive.


Further, train tickets to Jinhua, Hangzhou, Shanghai and Nanjing also can be purchased at the Railway Station and some agencies in the city. Following are the locations of some agencies:

Jiangdong Booking Office for train tickets:No.87 Jiangdong Middle Rd, Yiwu

Chezhan Rd Booking Office for train tickets: No.134 Chezhan Rd, Yiwu

Huangyuan Rd Booking Office for train tickets: No.29 Huangyuan Rd, Yiwu

Binwang Booking Office for train tickets:No.19 in E district of Binwang Market, Yiwu


By Long-distance Bus


There are ample convenient bus services to Yiwu. At present, there are three long-distance bus stations in the City. Following are some reference details:


Yiwu International Business & Trade City Passenger Transport Center is the largest station of the three. A lot of provinces of China and most of the other parts of Zhejiang Province can be reached from here. Among them, there is one bus departing to Shanghai everyday, respectively at 15:40. Besides, if you are going to Hangzhou, the Binwang Passenger Center has opened a special route for you. Everyday, from 06:20 to 19:20, there will be 27 buses departing to Hangzhou (the destination can be Hangzhou South Station or Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. The return ones depart from Hangzhou South Station or Hangzhou City Bus Station.


Address:No.365 Chengxin Ave, Yiwu Shi, Jinhua Shi


Work Time:06:00am- 20:00pm


Nanfang Passenger Transport Terminal: Here, the buses mainly depart to

Quzhou, Lanxi, Wuyi, Longyou, Xiapan,  Zhu Ge and Huzhen, all of which are in Zhejiang Province.
Address: No.80 Chouzhou W Rd, Yiwu Shi, Jinhua Shi
Enquiries: +86 579 8512 3069

Work Time:06:00am- 20:00pm

Station Front Bus Passenger Transport Station: Shengzhou, Xinchang, Jinshan, Pujiang and some other parts of Zhejiang Province can be reached from here.
Address: North Zongze Rd, Yiwu Shi, Jinhua Shi

The inner transportation of the city is mainly dependant on city-buses and taxis. The city is almost completely covered by these buses, some of which are running day and night. Considering its prosperous commodity trade, several direct lines to the markets have been opened. On the other hand, the urban area and the other towns and counties around the city proper are also linked by these city-buses. Therefore, there is no need for you to worry about your tour transportation here.

By City-bus

Presently, there are around 300 bus lines operating in the city, some of them are running in the city center while the others are running between the urban area and the surrounding towns.Here’s the website of all the city bus lines in Yiwu.

You can freely check details if you need any help. The only problem is it doesn’t offer English version.

By Taxi

Taxis in Yiwu are mainly in green and blue. Almost 1,300 cars are shuttling in the city to offer convenient service for the locals and tourists. The flag-down rate is CNY8 for the first 2km (1.2mi) and it costs CNY2.5 for each additional kilometer (0.6mi). When your ride is farther than 6km (3.7mi), the unit price per kilometer (0.6mi) is CNY3.5. If a car runs between 23:00 and 05:00 the next day, 10% of the total price will be charged as night allowance. But as the internet develops, more and more people choose to use Didi as the new-generation transportation. After download Didi App on your mobile, you can call taxi any time just by mobile. And then the driver will arrive in the scheduled place to pick you up. You can even choose a specific time and choose to share the ride with other passengers which can be cheaper. Also, you can use Didi for long-distance trip, it’s very convenient and cheaper.

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