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How to Import from China: A Step-by-Step Guide

May 18th, 2020

China has changed the panorama of the trading business in the whole world. Chinese products are very affordable, and they have made it possible for people in business and e-commerce to earn massive profits. To excel in the importing business, you must learn the best and fool-proof ways to

Trending Products on Amazon: The Ultimate Guide

May 16th, 2020

Did you know that 8510 medical masks are selling every day on Amazon? This shows the power of trending products on Amazon in 2020 and how you can benefit from choosing them. Amazon has listed a total of 119,928,851 products as of April 2019. The recipe for success is

How to Import Furniture From China:Definitive Guide

May 16th, 2020

Furniture sellers nowadays are increasingly becoming aware of the vast opportunities of importing from China. You will find all types of furniture at discount costs that are significantly lower than retail costs. But for beginners how to buy from China still remains a big problem. In this article, we

The Best Time to Travel and Visit China

May 14th, 2020

China is a vast country with beautiful scenery and broad territory, attracting millions of people visiting it every year. Due to the wide-ranging climatic conditions, it is hard to say absolutely when is the best time to visit China. In general, the best time to visit China is during

Container Size, Types & Markings: Everything You Need Know

May 12th, 2020

Ocean freight has become the most commonly used and cost-effective(Container Size) way in international shipping. If you are importing from overseas, there is chance to deal with shipping containers. However, there are plenty of container size and types to meet various shipping requirements. Take a 40 foot HQ shipping

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